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PIC: Kendrick Lamar x Dr. Dre

Their first meeting was yesterday and they’re in the studio tonight.

Previously: Kendrick Lamar – Look Out For Detox

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9 Responses to “PIC: Kendrick Lamar x Dr. Dre”

  1. 80sbabykp Says:

    Dre looks like an extra from that old Dinosaurs show. ol “not the mamma ass nigga.”

  2. Geezy Says:

    Damn I think Spitta may be putting out music at a faster pace than Lil Wayne in his prime. His work eithic is something serious, I’ve never seen anything like it.

  3. Marv Says:

    Damn, Dre is big now nh….You can tell from his face…

    Ol’ Michael Clarke Duncan in “The Green Mile” lookin ass nigga…

  4. els Says:

    Kendrick Lamar is dope.

    Faith is one of my favorites

  5. d_Block_4_Life Says:



    – dude tries to pee on his best-friend
    – dude commences to whip his best-friend in the back with or elongated foreign object (II)
    – dude tells his best-friend “that’s why i fucked your girl”
    – dude eventually beats up his best-friend


  6. Mike Says:

    @80sbabykp Really though. Looking like Earl Sinclair and shit, c’mson son! You acting like you never heard of no facial surgery and shit. Lil Wayne is the greatest god who ever blessed this mic.

  7. abgohard Says:

    grandfather Dre and shit…. KDOT bout to take 2011, niggas give up rappin now

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