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Snowgoons ft. Wais P & Sauce Money – No Favors

German producers the Snowgoons just released Kraftwerk today featuring the likes of Skyzoo, Torae, Crooked I, Beenie Man & more. This is the track from the project featuring Wais P & Sauce Money.

Snowgoons – No Favors (ft. Wais P & Sauce Money)

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5 Responses to “Snowgoons ft. Wais P & Sauce Money – No Favors”

  1. abortatron Says:

    *carhart’s up*

    *shovels driveway*

    *is a snowgoon*

  2. NovemberEnd Says:

    …*blank stare*…

  3. abortatron Says:

    van dro – you just pulled the act II title out of the sky , or did u see that somewhere?

  4. Vincent Van Dro Says:

    Waddup Tron

    It’s from my info on that new Elec song.

    Also this:
    ℒℴѵℯJ∆¥ ÆLECTRΩNIC∆, Jeymes Samuel, Jay Z, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Denaun Porter etc…

  5. abortatron Says:

    i mean, i knew that was the title.. i guess im just asking what made you bring it up. now i sorta know ?

    *daps* tho

    thoughts on the jay elec joint ?

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