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Video: Just Blaze Speaks on Quincy Jones’ Comments About Kanye

You may have heard that Quincy Jones recently tried to son Yeezy to US Magazine, basically saying that he’s just a glorified rapper who’s name should never be uttered in the same breath as his own (Quincy’s). Here Just adds some perspective. To be fair, Quincy later issued a statement saying his remarks were taken out of context.

Kanye composed and orchestrated every album of his, with the addition of the new, modern instrument… THE SAMPLER. Just check the creditsless than a minute ago via web

In related news, My Dark Twisted Fantasy moved just over 500K units in its first week in stores.

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9 Responses to “Video: Just Blaze Speaks on Quincy Jones’ Comments About Kanye”

  1. Mook Says:

    Black people always jealous of each other smh

  2. Hopp Says:

    The comparison wasn’t negative. The response really didn’t make any sense and repeating “just a rapper” constantly was foul, but the comparison itself was valid.

  3. Harlem World Says:

    Rock With You tho..come on maaane!(ll)

    If I produced/composed Rock With You, and people compared me to Kanye West I’d be more than pissed..

    How can you not be happy during the 1st 18 seconds of Rock With You..


  4. Yama Says:

    the problem is, that they marketing this kid wrong …

    no one is gonna take Fred Da Godson seriously as a street MC, because of his appearance…

    he needs to play to his strengths… make fun of himself more… do videos eating all types of shit and falling down, and running into shit, and whooping niggas asses and geating beat up … and throw some bars in there to accent the physical coonery…

    they’ll buy that shit like crack..

    especially the kizzas
    *chokes in a fit of laughter* Y’all some cold etheristic mofos around hyuh fu’ real!

  5. jaymalls Says:

    For all u guys saying Bank’s HFM2 is better then Kanye’s MBDTF… u obviously dont know MUSIC (in general). Kanye’s album has way better production, an actual theme… lol! It also has better overall songs that flow into one another well. But hey…. Everybody is entitled 2 their own opinion! So with that said, u G-unit Stans can keep reaching!!!

  6. Wenzel Dashington Says:

    George Bush is somewhere laughing at Kanye getting called out.

  7. ThatMan Says:

    I can assure you George Bush is checking for Quincy Jones quotes.

  8. Cocca88Crazy88since88 Says:

    Ye & Just, Stop fuckin cryin

  9. kedordu Says:

    lmao . ye is nothing like pete rock , rza , just , dj quik . hes thinking of QD1 . the only comparison among them is that they both won grammies . gtfoh !!!dre is like a quincey jones .

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