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Lil Kim – Black Friday (Radio Rip)

Kim responds to “Roman’s Revenge” and what Nicki said to Angie last week.

Lil Kim – Black Friday (Radio Rip)

It’ll be a murder scene, I’m turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th

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29 Responses to “Lil Kim – Black Friday (Radio Rip)”

  1. Abortatron Says:

    Does anyone really care about this bullshit ass beef ?

  2. Charles Oakley Says:

    Common ft. Cee-Lo – G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition) (prod. by No I.D.)

  3. Abortatron Says:

    What up oak.

    I got to the in laws 15 Mins late and all the white meat was already gone. SMH

  4. Travelin' Man Says:

    The old Kim >>>>

  5. Ronny Goines aka the Clown with the tearaway face Says:

    This is the hardest beat she could find

    Most these rappers are dumb to me

    Eminem – I Need A Doctor ft. Dr.Dre & Skylar Grey>>>>>>>

  6. Charles Oakley Says:

    Common ft. Bilal – 6th Sense (prod. by DJ Premier)

  7. Charles Oakley Says:

    *daps Aboratron*

    So, you’re saying you got a problem with DARK meat?

  8. Charles Oakley Says:

    Common – Be (prod. by Kanye West)

  9. Abortatron Says:

    *daps Aboratron*

    So, you’re saying you got a problem with DARK meat?
    when it comes to turkeys (no jive)

    .. Yes.

  10. 007 Says:

    Botox, butt lift, and plastic surgery Rap

  11. Abortatron Says:

    Oak – up that P monch “Simon says” remix

  12. Hoskins Says:

    This is just a snippet looped


  13. Mental Says:

    Does anyone really care about this bullshit ass beef ?
    Nah not really. Shoulda gotten an original beat but it sounds like she killed this though.

  14. hmm Says:

    hang it up, flat screen

  15. Deen Says:

    Everything is wack today. From this song, to the asinine commenting.

    Fuck this, I’m out.

  16. Charles Oakley Says:


  17. louroc Says:

    give it up kim. i still fuk u though

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  19. pang soup and garlic bread Says:

    bitch tomorrow the 26th not 13th so lil kim u make no damn sense u ugly cock roach whore

  20. GMLLZ Says:

    either way I’m glad to see some return fire…ehhhbody else in hip hop just avoid and ignore beef

  21. west one Says:

    yo kim hop off nicki’s dick and just do you

  22. arodgrime Says:

    sound like kim got a little bit left in the tank. at least she is responding. the men in hip hop is actin like they bleed once a month.

  23. Cocca88Crazy88since88 Says:

    this shit is good money.

  24. the TK 781 Says:

    she sound like a hater diss records are soooo Old school there more promo then anything nothing too serious

  25. MisUnderstood Says:

    Kim sounds right on this one! For you dummies that don’t know their history…hip hop was based on competition between 2 artist! I believe in the old EPMD way…”Smack me and I’ll Smack you back!”

    I wonder who would sound hotter on a record together…Kim or Minaj. That’s the best way to battle…on the same song and let their skills do the talking!

  26. bctw Says:

    YES YES YESSSS! Nicki ain’t built for this shit!

  27. sowait Says:

    Kim came correct on this – would have been better on a fresh new beat but whatever… let the fun begin hopefully they will have a mud wrestle to end things off LOL

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  29. Mickie Says:

    Yay Kim, screw Sicki Minaj

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