Video: Mac Miller – Knock Knock

Previously: Mac Miller x Dope Couture (Video)

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15 Responses to “Video: Mac Miller – Knock Knock”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    suburban, we dont wanna harm nobody, same manager & lane as wiz khalifa rap

  2. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    shell casings everywhere

  3. Harlem World Says:

    i got my vest on..coons tried to shot me up last night (no homo)..he missed though

  4. Armani Says:

    Man this kid is so bad, and he looks like he has downs syndrome

  5. Remixznflow Says:


    7 day vacations for thanksgiving>>>>>>>>>

  6. big_seth Says:

    Takes mask back off.

    My bad…


    I need to start inviible man. I’m tryin to get at least 3 of those done before years end.

    HH guide to the galaxy (no headliner) is good, but its so strange that it takes a while. The guy is defying & questioning logic with most of the stories. Its like he is dissing existence itself. Pretty good shit. but there are 5 books so…

    speaking of Heroin Headliner should do a blog post on this.

    HH Guide to the Galaxy

    Stay Trilla

    Get down or lay down



  7. b Says:

    b Says:
    November 23rd, 2010 at 12:22 pm
    *daps all* virus pork flu>>>>>>>pilot talk 2.dont make me pull the toooooooooys.

  8. Harlem World Says:

    funkmaster flex = worlds biggest dickrider

    “oh my gawwwd fif, you looking real healthy right now”

    “pun, i hear you get the bitches”

    “who got a bigger dick, you or pusha?”

    kayslay >>>>> all ny dj’s

  9. b Says:

    lack scrilla>>>>>>>mac miller

  10. GMLLZ Says:


    I don’t even see Heroin Headliner anymore like I used to on here

    You read the actual book or you got an e-reader/iPad

  11. big_seth Says:


    Yea, Let me know, but be honest

    & I’ll finish that art up as soon as everything is final.

  12. Harlem World Says:

    What did Pac even do to flex? Refuse to suck his dick?

    Jeru damaja ass niggas..

    “the dj that got too much kizzock in his mizzouth”
    “he used to play in gay clubs”
    “look at his mouth”

    (c) Nasir Jones

  13. heavyHussle Says:

    Romeo Miller > Mac Miller

  14. big_seth Says:


    I don’t have an e-reader yet. I’m not really sure what I want in one.

    plus as an artist I have an infatuation with covers & type & paper. LOL. so I buy physical books.

  15. yes Says:

    he’s no worse than fking wiz khalifa or currensy i hate people who are like YO DUDES WHITE AND RAPS ABOUT BITCHES AND POT thats all wiz and currensy are. i hate wiz and currensy is on his thing. honestly though wiz is trash. oh black and yellow what a dope chorus is there any substance to his rhymes? no he’s an idiot

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