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Nipsey Hussle – Keys To The City

Nipsey Hussle – Keys To The City

Props to DDot

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14 Responses to “Nipsey Hussle – Keys To The City”

  1. Beezy Says:

    “I told you to take it easy with me … and you go and execute a Donkey Punch?”


  2. landlord Says:

    gang members robbing niggas at the bus stop rap

  3. Wesley Pipes @ BlackPipeLayers.com Says:

    London Bloke be runnin that 3 man weave drill wit John Amechi and Reggie Evans

  4. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    im independent and my album is never coming out steez

  5. Beezy Says:

    “I said NOT on my face. Do you have a towel?”


  6. Beezy Says:

    “Gym locker rooms FTW.”


  7. GMLLZ Says:

    Please let a nigga breathe / Dilated pupils are the seeds of a niggas greed.

    Ross drops gems on the low.

  8. AlbertFindsdimes Says:

    “It’s okay, glad wrap works just like a condom”

    -LB resourcefulness

  9. the-xfacta Says:

    *Steps in doing the Roger Rabbit*

  10. fuck boy music Says:

    london Bloke likes to swap meat

  11. The Shot Clock Says:

    do niggas like nipsey get hooked on that tour money and just say fuck it, why release an album?

  12. landlord Says:

    girrrrrrrrrrl, that nigga turnt me OUT


  13. 007 Says:

    Londn Bukkake (n)

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