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Video: Freeway & Peedi Crakk at NBA Jam x UBIQ x Complex Launch

Freeway and Peedi Crakk perform their new single “Snappa Pow” at the EA Sports x UBIQ x Complex Magazine Party for NBA Jams.

Thanks to Amir.

Previously: Freeway ft. Peedi Crakk – Snappa Pow (Prod. by Jake One)

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21 Responses to “Video: Freeway & Peedi Crakk at NBA Jam x UBIQ x Complex Launch”

  1. fuck boy music Says:

    Why is Peedi Peedi wearing a Temple hoodie??

    I remember when Beezy try to say Freeway actually made a living from rap?

    I laff’d.

    Freeway is a failure in rap…

    he had the Roc/Jay-Z cosigning him….he had 50 Cent/G-Unit co-signing him….He had young money and lil wayne and baby co-signing him…

    and you still can’t blow?

    ugly nigga

  2. 007 Says:

    Gotta agree w Fbm there
    But Free got talent better than most

  3. Mini Daddy Says:

    ….lookalikes freeway and a baby gorilla…

  4. Mini Daddy Says:

    #team marv

  5. fuck boy music Says:

    I really dont see the hype with Wiz Khalifa…..he bit Tyga’s style so hard….He copied his physical image….the tattoos…the aneroxic physique….He copied Lil Wayne’s laughing and giggling in the track…

    I’ve seen pics of Wiz…and like is this dude trying to be Tyga jr?

    Tyga is better than him too…

    Wiz Khalifa is going to release an album and sell 20-30K a month?

    Also Wiz Khalifa is not lyrical at all…he has a southern niggas flow…

    You cannot say Wiz Khalifa is lyrical at all…

    and give Snoop his flow back….rapping about smoking weed in 2011?

    come on b…get creative…

    Wiz Khalifa…can’t be the front man for the ‘Burgh..

    I know real killaz from the ‘burgh…real drug pushas from the ‘burgh..

    and co-signing Wiz Khalifa’s bubble gum pop music he’s making…

    Wiz Khalifa doesnt even curse in his raps….fuck is up with that..

    Pittsburg aint as sweet as Khalifa…..Pittsburgh is a poor city…with a lot of violence and crime..

  6. Mini Daddy Says:


    say word

  7. Mini Daddy Says:

    Jeezy The Snowman Says:

    November 17th, 2010 at 7:16 pm
    # 007 Says:
    November 17th, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    jeezy is milk crate status


    Jeezy doing shows for 70k each

    Jeezy living life…

    what fuck are you doing…?

  8. abortatron Says:


    say word


  9. fuck boy music Says:

    Mini Daddy = HH = Jeezy The Snowman

    these fuck bois are starting to multiply…

  10. GMLLZ Says:

    There’s nothin new under the sun

  11. abortatron Says:

    i don’t understand what people see in Wiz either.. dude is mad average, not to mention boring as fuck. i fuck with currensy’s music, and people don’t seem to understand how you can like one and not the other.. but to me , spitta clearly makes better music

  12. 007 Says:

    Niggas tryna pul Dubs comments from day back now???

    And @ FBM…da fuck u kno bout da burg nigga? Or kizza? FOH. BlacknYellow nigga TGOD

    SN:next 3 days was pretty god 4.75/5 ending clda been better but overaLl good shit n they repped da Burg nicely

  13. abortatron Says:

    @007 what part of pitt are you from ?

    one of my homies lives on 18th off of carson st.

    carson street is dope…lots of bars and good restaurants and shit

  14. GMLLZ Says:

    I lived in Pittsburgh for one year…final year of high school…..

    I just remember gray skies…and the under 18 club JETZ with all the little white hoes on my dick

  15. Mini Daddy Says:

    mini daddy = alter ego of a nah vet who uses this alias when nahrights moving slow and hes bored at work

  16. Bullet Bill Says:

    Hawaiian Snow

    kush strain of the year….

    *emphatic co-sign*

    shit had me coughin like a rookie and im like a 12 year vet

    ^^Damn, I gotta ask around for that. I got a nice OG Kush and Lemon Haze cross that’s real nice though. Kali Orange too. Anyone tried Cheese? Someone I know offered me some but I’ve never had it before.

  17. abortatron Says:

    mini daddy = alter ego of a nah vet who uses this alias when nahrights moving slow and hes bored at work


    take your mask off, B

  18. 007 Says:

    @tron n Gmillz n iguess fbm too
    I’m from Homestead. Google Homestead Grays one of the orignial Negro Baseball teams. Anyway its still known as Homestead however they cleaned the crime out tore the Steel Mills down n call the “gentrification” the “Waterfront” now. Lotta gangs n hustlers I came up wit. My rez is official as well but anyway. Yea I kno Cameron/wiz pitt is very small and if ur someone u know everyone!

    N as far as Jets! Yea we used to kill jets when I was a jr/sr n hs! Mega teen club outside of pitt madddddddd hoes. Head n parkin lot material if u had swag(nh) good times

  19. 007 Says:

    Bullet Bill??? Who sends these niggas?

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