Video: Kanye Interview w/ Matt Lauer on The Today Show

Here’s the full interview that Kanye spazzed over. So now that I’m watching this, while I still think Kanye might have overreacted, I can somewhat understand why he was mad. Lauer was all “look at his face” (Bush’s) and what not. What is that? I guess you could say that he was just trying to get a more emotional response from an interview subject, but that was weird. At the end of the clip, Lauer directly addresses the Twitter tirade and plays the portion of the interview that Yeezy was really pissed about. #Awkwardmoments.

On another note, this Kanye album is fucking crazy.

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111 Responses to “Video: Kanye Interview w/ Matt Lauer on The Today Show”

  1. ATCK Says:

    Did the dirty version of Ye’s album leak?

  2. salvia_blunts Says:

    why? Says:

    November 11th, 2010 at 11:44 am
    On another note, this Kanye album is fucking crazy.



    Also Aubrey not being featured is just great. Dude would of fucked up the listening experience with his rap like a bee and then randomly sing like he just saw a butterfly style.

    do ye and drake not like each other tho?

  3. SilkCityP Says:

    It’s definitely a very good album… but muthafuckas need to cut the bullshit with already labeling it a classic… He doesn’t have any duds on the album, but Monster & So Appalled aren’t amazing records… but Blame Game, Hell Of A Life, Gorgeous are fuego!!!

  4. ClarenceD Says:

    fuck matt lauer, he seems like a condecending asshole

  5. St Nick Says:

    Anybody else notice that spelled kanye’s name wrong on the Today show interview just underneath? Ridiculous.

    “Some on my plastics still say KAYNE”

  6. jayce Says:

    Need that Hell of a Life and Blame game explicit versions…
    what’s the hook on Hell of a life? fill in the blank more drugs from me……(?)….. religion is all i need

  7. AFGun Says:

    kanye is a straight G! fuk a matt lauer..

  8. AFGun Says:

    kanye too real to allow that type of bs. most niggaz let shit slide and play their role, but yeezy aint no sellout. media would love him otherwise

  9. YaDig Says:

    Conway West Airlines.

  10. YaDig Says:

    ps. Fuck Matt Lauer.

  11. spirit equality Says:

    If they didn’t run video of Kanye saying “Bush doesn’t care about black people” while Bush was discssing Kanye’s Katrina response, then Matt Lauer is hypocritical as hell…do it for everyone or don’t do it at all…

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