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Video: Drake’s 24th Birthday in Miami

Derick G. got the footage from Drake’s private party in Miami.

After the jump, check out some behind the scenes footage from the shoot for Rihanna & Drake’s #1 record “What’s My Name“.

Rihanna’s Youtube channel via UHTN

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7 Responses to “Video: Drake’s 24th Birthday in Miami”

  1. Travelin' Man Says:

    T.I. – song 24’s >>> Dracula’s happy 24

  2. Rey Says:

    Getting hit with Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s 2×4 (no) >> Aubrey’s 24th.

  3. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:


    Jayz gucci leather jacket with the lyrics sewed on the inside

    A must have for any jayz stan

    Most recently revealing clues leading to a black leather Gucci for Decoded jacket. The masterfully stitched page handcrafted by Gucci’s lead creative, Frida Giannini, is custom-tailored to Jay-Z’s measurements and holds the lyrics and footnotes to the song Blue Magic, featuring Pharrell. This elegant blend of fashion and hip-hop culture is one of the many unique pages dropping this week as the campaign plows full steam ahead to Decoded’s release date.

  4. TroubleShooter1900 Says:

    I like Rihanna better with black hair. That red her looks a hot bucket of piss.

    I’d still smash tho.

  5. 911 Says:

    “..you blowing up, that’s good fantastic..”

  6. Jason Jones Says:

    Drake’s party looked live I wish I was there and that watch that he got looked nice too

  7. spirit equality Says:

    the stevie wonder version of “happy birthday” is the only version anybody should sing at a black person’s birthday party. shout out to dr. king.

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