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Styles P – Runaway + Start It Up

Boost Mobile Rock Corps show, 2005

Styles P – Runaway Freestyle


Styles P – Start It Up Freestyle


Props to DJ O.P.

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22 Responses to “Styles P – Runaway + Start It Up”

  1. Tweezy Says:

    They tried to pull me back/When they saw me moving on..

  2. Charles Oakley Says:


  3. RIGZ Says:

    Tweezy Says:
    November 11th, 2010 at 11:57 am

    They tried to pull me back/When they saw me moving on..


    Tried to get out the game, but the dude is Tron..

  4. RIGZ Says:

    And on that note, Im gone.


  5. Tweezy Says:

    They tried to pull me back when he saw me moving on
    Tried to get out the game but the dude is tron
    They tried to do me wrong
    Cut the weakness now we’re moving strong

  6. hl Says:

    I’m gone.

  7. Tweezy Says:

    Melt away like the wicked witch
    Or a man trapped in an idol
    made of wicker sticks
    How sick is this?
    Light your lighters
    Recognize the wickedness
    and ride with the righteous

  8. Rey Says:

    Watching that Matt Lauer-Kanye interview…

    You can tell ‘Ye is sick of having to apologize for the shit he’s said, like he has to apologize to white amerikka 245 times a day in order to be allowed to make a living doing music.

    I know I’m a stan and all, but put 50 or Rawse or even Drake in that kind of media lynching and it’s gonna piss me off. FUCK Matt Lauer’s bitch ass. (no homo)

  9. Rey Says:

    Look at the hate and venom spewed by Fox News every day and those motherfuckers never apologize for SHIT.

    But sure, let’s go after ‘Ye. Let’s not try to understand what he was feeling when telling him his feelings were wrong is so much quicker.

    Fuckin’ crackers think their opinion is the only one that matters. Shit’s infuriating. This country sucks sometimes.

  10. Hoskins Says:

    ^^^ three ks rey

    LMAO @ that Diddy and Rawse vid, most comedic rappers in the game

  11. Rey Says:

    @ hoskins– my bad. keyboard got stuck.


  12. els Says:

    So that Kanye leak may not be the full thing…

  13. Hoskins Says:

    Diddy is the most successful leech of ALL TIME

  14. GMLLZ Says:

    man I’m excited about this Bugatti Boyz EP….all Rawse rhymes

    nah I’m really not.

  15. JDS just looks at her, looks at her... Says:

    LP: *dead* at D_Block’s subject title…

    “Fwd: My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy (Clean) (NTPF)”

  16. JihaD Says:

    big_seth Says:
    November 11th, 2010 at 11:52 am
    @JihaD, I didn’t get to listen to those ones yet, but I will.

    thanks for the list. I wanna finish that out tonight. I DL’d a bunch of other Nah right rapper tracks & lost my jump drive.

    Is there anywhere I can still get 48 bars of terror?

    ^^ Click the name, fam.


  17. b Says:

    GMLLZ Says:
    November 11th, 2010 at 12:29 pm
    man I’m excited about this Bukake Boyz EP

  18. Streetz Says:

    Ye needs to stop apologizing. Like seriously fuck it already! Explain your train of thought and keep it moving.

    That album is estupido loco though.

  19. JDS just looks at her, looks at her... Says:

    Seriously, Diddy doesn’t necessarily produce. He spits the rhymes but he doesn’t write them.

    So exactly what the hell is he contributing to this Bugatti EP?

  20. srhking24 Says:

    I would appreciate if homeboys click on my name and check the tumblr and youtube page tell me what they think of the content quality is a work in progress, just some kids trying to bring that real back

    much love feedback needed

  21. g7 Says:

    >>Diddy is the most successful leech of ALL TIME

    ^it’s true. definitely the GLOAT.

  22. srhking24 Says:

    on the dead wrong song, i’m the second verse
    immortality-last verse
    7th chambers-second
    i’m not on miss me

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