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Video: Joell Ortiz – The Freedom Trail Ep. 3

Episode 3 of Joell’s tour diary with OnSMASH. Episode 2 after the jump.

Previously: Joell Ortiz – The Freedom Trail Ep. 1 (Video)

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8 Responses to “Video: Joell Ortiz – The Freedom Trail Ep. 3”

  1. fuck boy music Says:

    ^Is that jim jones in the last video

  2. Charles Oakley Says:

    RIP land

  3. fuck boy music Says:

    Iverson would of destroyed the Celtics….

    He would of destroyed Team Chemistry….Iverson is a Team Cancer…

    if you building a young team…stay the fuck away from Iverson…

    you saw what Iverson did to the nuggets…..

    as soon as Chauncey Billups came thru…..Nuggets were in WCF….against the lakers…

    the 4 previous years with Iverson…they were first round sweep exits

  4. Max Beezy aka Beezavelli Says:

    get his man a Schick Fusion Glide razor

  5. Marv Says:

    Iverson had a fucked up story too….

    Under privileged motherfucker growing up….

    The nigga’s house had leaks and shit…

    Who seen that ESPN doc on Iverson?…

    Starting brawls in bowling alleys and shit….

  6. fuck boy music Says:

    I remember when Iverson started the Braids trend..

    in 1999-2003

    ^Iverson had the whole hood with braids….Everybody in the hood had braids…

    The light skin niggas with braids…were getting play from the bitches…because the hoes loved Iverson….

    Iverson use to switch up his braids different styles every 2-3 days..

  7. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    » T.I.’s wife hit with drug posession charges

    >so i looked at her mugshot and jus exclaimed to the screen…

    “My Nigga, Tip, THAS YOUR WIFE!?! YOUR WIFE DUDE!?!”

  8. Charles Oakley Says:

    AI was a great scorer, and athletic anomaly, but it was difficult to win with him. He never had a truly great team around him, but he likely would not have been able to coexist with another great scorer. But it’s not like there was anyway he was going to beat the LA juggernaut the year they made it to the finals, but I would have been interested to see him face a lesser team.

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