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Wale – Make It Rain Freestyle

Leaked verse from the remix to Travis Porter “Make It Rain.”

Wale – Make It Rain Freestyle | Mediafire


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3 Responses to “Wale – Make It Rain Freestyle”

  1. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    On some real shit, rapradar knew what they were doing when they posted that link of nahright trying to extort him for 150.00

    Rapradar dropped that instigator ether

  2. landlord Says:

    do black puerto ricans like joell ortiz respect and honor they blackness or are they ashamed and be trying to hide it?… my best friend when i was a kid was a blackish puerto rican and he was always trying to brush his hair straight to the side when the shit was clearly nappy… he looked like a young Fredrick Douglass… his sister would call him cocolo and he would get really pissed off like a beyatch so we all called him cocolo to fuck with him… even us cocolos … he finally grew up and bought a pick and got temp fades and whatnot … but it took him years to realize he was black… like til 9th grade …good times…

  3. JihaD Says:

    “We have to find our way back to true emotion. This is going to sound so sappy, but love is the only thing that stands the test of time. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was all about love. Andre 3000, The Love Below. Even NWA, at its core, that was about love for a neighborhood. I’m not hearing anyone’s real voice. The emotion of where you are in your life. The mortgage scandal. People losing their jobs. I want to hear about that.”

    Jay Z… STFUB

    If he really wanted to hear about that shit… he would make music like that instead of shit like “on to the next one”


    Fo real. This from the same nigga who made his money off shit like “Money Ain’t a Thang”, “Ain’t No Nigga,” “Give It To Me”, etc?

    Fuck outta Camel. You spent your whole career telling niggas how much better yo were than them, now you wanna talk about “emotions?”


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