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Video: Nipsey Hu$$le – Killer (Live)

Here’s a half performance/half music video type of thing for that Nipsey joint by M-Visions.

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25 Responses to “Video: Nipsey Hu$$le – Killer (Live)”

  1. Nah'sOnlyWhiteboy Says:

    Nipsey is that dude. This guy is by far one of the most underrated rappers, let alone west coast artists.

    Nipsey>rest of 2010 freshman

  2. Mini Daddy Says:

    nipsey got his chit pushed in

  3. Troyvul Says:

    RIP Kza

  4. Troyvul Says:

    RIP Sleep, RNC

  5. bEEZY Says:

    Rest In Pieces

  6. Marv Says:

    Yea, Whatever did happen to KZA yo?…

    That nigga disappeared…

  7. Nah'sOnlyWhiteboy Says:

    Headline: Lil Wayne Is Still Making Friends in Prison



  8. Troyvul Says:

    Yea, Whatever did happen to KZA yo?…
    he was an engineer that turned landscaper.

    “Never seen a laptop in the work site nigga”

  9. bEEZY Says:

    yeah, KzA lost his job … that was all for the kid

    he’s ashamed to show his face around here now

  10. Hoskins Says:

    >>>> Marv tho

  11. Marv Says:

    Niggas speak ma name ’cause they love the attention….

    Word to Nas…

    Word to Jay-Z not giving them motherfuckers any shine by spitting thier names….

    Lil hoe ass niggas…

  12. Hoskins Says:

    So you’re Nas AND Jay?

    Applaud this man

  13. Mini Daddy Says:

    nahright rip list

    boosie (netherlands?)
    tyrone biggums
    mr papargino
    rug realer
    tijuana felix
    hip hop cops
    spanish jay
    french kevin
    hollywood (future gunit artist)
    phuque (b-ease?)

  14. Hoskins Says:

    all the females except Cici

  15. bEEZY Says:

    phuque (b-ease?)

    ^I think so

  16. Most_Incredible! Says:

    sour d?

  17. Hoskins Says:

    Big Homie
    All Bold Everything

  18. ghost writer Says:


  19. ghost writer Says:

    Hoskins Says:

    October 27th, 2010 at 4:46 pm
    all the females except Cici

    I’m not sure if you meant to do that, if so I see

  20. ghost writer Says:


  21. ghost writer Says:


  22. Mini Daddy Says:

    pockets stopped posting to become a full time bodybuilder

    shouts out to Aditya Dev

  23. Marv Says:

    This one is for you Hoskins, and for all the C-Section whores on my nuts as well….


    Go ahead fool!…

  24. why? Says:

    rip why?

  25. landlord Says:


    phuque is definitely not b-ease

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