Video: Redman – FLY

Shot by Reggie himself.

Previously: Redman – Def Jammable [Dirty/CDQ]

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53 Responses to “Video: Redman – FLY”


    i remember back in the days
    before rappin nigga i was sellin crack in the days
    while trappin totin mac’s 4 pack of them k’s
    all raw, no cut, who want a sac of the yay

    and hey, i dont ride 4 deep in the donk
    aint no friendly ass nigga who can speak and get on
    play gone, and get it the fuck on
    and less niggas that i let in my house, the less chance one of them niggas is rattin me out

    and i dont need no new friends
    and if you cant take care of yaself nigga you aint no man
    see just cuz i know a nigga dont mean i owe a nigga
    always beggin neva do shit 4 a nigga

    you probly come for the free liquor
    cuz ya always smokin but i neva see ya buy, nigga
    and ya neva got a dutch witcha
    and ya screamin big pimpin but neva got a slut witcha

    Trick Daddy aint no lyrical miracle spiritual rapper (c) ((Saigon)) but he went the fuck in on that Jeezy – Ride Wit Me. In contention for bamma verse of the year

  2. 007 Says:

    Csign whoever sd Kev get ya money up if u not @ da game

    Would say mcb too but we kno where all his dough go
    *daps mcb*

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