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Video: The Jacka & Lee Majors – Female Funk

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16 Responses to “Video: The Jacka & Lee Majors – Female Funk”

  1. dos equis Says:

    My friend…. there is NO proof this letter even exists!

    Niggaz be sheep though, bunch of bitches feel they gotta say something, anything as soon as it gets quiet..the silence scares em.

    I just checked the source “via The Lefsetz Letter” I also see no trace of this story that Nation probably copy and pasted from “another” blog.

    niggaz facts be fiction.

  2. d_Block_4_Life Says:

    The reason why Lost Tapes 2 isn’t coming out

    I have a belly full of white dog crap in me, and now you lay this shit on me?

  3. Charles Oakley Says:

    Nice haircut.


  4. The Shot Clock Says:

    everytime i hear aston martin music now i have a vision of Rawse in a Boston market commercial eating some rotisserie chicken with the hook as the jingle:

    bos-ton mar-ket chi-cken ba-by

    *Rawse grunt*

  5. dos equis Says:

    My name is Don Equis..and I approve this video

  6. DC (dISTRICT oF cHASE) Says:

    @Charles Oaktree & D-Block

    Do you have both the QB album and the Bravehearts album?

    ‘preciate folk!

  7. DC (dISTRICT oF cHASE) Says:

    *Daps to the Squad*

    *Salute to the Gs*

  8. rEMIXZNFLOW Says:

    *throws ‘C’ in the air*

    *waits for charles to up the QB album and Bravehearts album*

    *wonders why on earth DC would want the bravehearts album*

  9. Charles Oakley Says:

    *Rawse grunt*
    This really added something to Audio Meth.


  10. DC (dISTRICT oF cHASE) Says:

    anyway, I was listening to I Am last night. That album is so sick. I still feel all the emotions and pain that nas portrayed whenever i listen to undying love. Like i really feel heart broken when listening to that shit

    I thought you love me, I thought you cared for me
    I thought you needed me, didn’t you believe in me

  11. dos equis Says:


    * The Social Network
    * Tom Petty At The Bowl
    * The Dukes Of September
    * Quote Of The Day
    * Irving Kills Barry
    * R&RHOF Nominations
    * Muse At Staples
    * Catch A Wave
    * Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers
    * Idol

    “via The Lefsetz Letter”

    ^^The last 10 stories/articles/posts from lefsetz…Where is the Nas letter Nation? Eskay?

  12. DC (dISTRICT oF cHASE) Says:

    *wonders why on earth DC would want the bravehearts album*

    ^New found appreciation for the legend that is NaS. I overlooked some of his shit just cuz it wasn’t what i expected from him, but after going back and re-listening to his albums, there are bound to be some gems on that album

  13. d_Block_4_Life Says:

    There’s also opportunity to hear records that havent been completed or talked about (He may release the Scientist or Colours. Pete Rock already said the record he worked with Nas in 2009 will be on there). So there’s stuff on the album.

    @ DC

    I might, i gotta check..

  14. d_Block_4_Life Says:

    What is the arguement exactly?

    Nas wants an official budget for an album full of dated material?

    And he wants it to count towards the albums he owes Def Jam?

    Why would IDJ go for this? It seems like a lose/lose for the label.

    As much as i want him to drop it, this is very true.

  15. Charles Oakley Says:

    I might, i gotta check..

  16. dos equis Says:

    Where land at? The Bert Farb dick pics get leaked today that nigga gon be crushed mentally by Monday Night..poor Deana.

    Nigga gon have to go the Tiger route…sex rehab.


    *daps silk and sick

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