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Video: Consequence, SoulLive & Talib Kweli (ConsTV)

Previously: Consequence – Take It 2 The Classics

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6 Responses to “Video: Consequence, SoulLive & Talib Kweli (ConsTV)”

  1. ThatMan Says:

    I really do want to hear some new Lupe though

  2. bEEZY Says:

    Cigar Guy >>>>>

  3. bLACK fAVRE Says:

    Cris Carter— 1,101 receptions… 130 tds (damn) … 13,899 yards receiving…

    second in TDs and receptions only to Jerry Rice… and he played with shitty to average QBs

    nigga please

    and re: Sterling Sharpe… he was nice, but no…

    St. Sharpe—– 595 receptions… 65 tds… 8135 yards…

    and he played with a young Brett Favre…

    Carter virtually DOUBLED Sharpe’s career output…

  4. DC (dISTRICT oF cHASE) Says:

    I really do want to hear some new Lupe though

    ^You’re not the only one. He need to drop something soon. First it was supposed to be L.U.P.End, then it was Lasers, now…

  5. DC (dISTRICT oF cHASE) Says:

    I mean Cris Carter is nice and all, but to even question that jerry Rice is the greatest receiver of all time is all off to me.

  6. bEEZY Says:

    Sterling’s career was cut mad short though…he did all that in half the time

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