Stack Bundles – Up & Down

This is the first release off a mixtape coming out this month of “Stacktober” titled The Lost Tapes: Salute Me, which will feature only exclusive Stack songs. Props to Mr. X

Stack Bundles – Up & Down | Mediafire


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5 Responses to “Stack Bundles – Up & Down”

  1. London Bloke Says:

    President Rafael Correa >>

  2. Armani Says:

    Mac miller sucks man, it’s not a white thing (I like Asher, yes really). but the kids flow is sketchy and without the old school beats it would be aids for the ear

  3. MR SWEDEN Says:


  4. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    Question: Why do these rappers continue to fuck wit the likes of Superhead or Kat Stacks when they know what these whores are gonna do to them after the fact?

    It’s cause of the same reason why I’m gonna fuck both of them (and hopefully at the same time) when I get on…cause n!gg@s is dumb. For n!gg@s to continue to deal wit these dirty hoes and bring drama to they life for no good reason…it must be a good reason. So I got my dick in my hand waitin, cause I need to know.

    Them bitches became the new dooky rope chain. Back in the day rap n!gg@s knew they was poppin when they could finally afford that rope or that link (miami cuban n!gg@s, I’m tired of seeing grown men wit tennis bracelet/X and O links around they neck. I don’t give a fuck about them diamonds, you look like a bitch, them jew-els was made for bitches in evening gowns to give men a reason to look at they titties. Stop tryin to look like a fair maiden at the ball). Now the rite of passage seems to be slayin one of these dingy bitches to the rhyme. They gotta be doing gold medal X-game tricks with that pussy and the head game must be psycho analytical. They gotta be good penisiatricians (I know it ain’t no field of study for doctors, but it need to be. They got pussy (GYN’s) and asshole (proctologist) doctors and no dick doctors? As important as dick is in this world, and they ain’t got nobody that specialize in it? I know a few hoes that would deserve honorary PhD’s) cause if you look at them they both look half retarded. You could tell that’s all they had left in life was dick handling.

    But now as a outsider lookin in, I can’t see how n!gg@s continue to give these bitches the time of day, but as an insider you fuckin A right I’m a follow suit. So I hope y’all bitches got your video cameras ready cause as soon as my shit jump, we fuckin and I’m a need y’all to show me the whole dossier of moves (suckin dick till your nose bleed and all that). Cause y’all bitches is making books and shit and I need to be immortalized in my own chapter and I wanna be referred to as “dirty dick.” “Dirty dick ain’t got no real money, and the n!gg@ burnt me twice in one sittin, the claps in my coochie and my throat was on fire.”

    I’m coming hoes so keep it tight….well I’m sure it ain’t tight no more so fuck it, keep it loose. >>>>>>>>>>

  5. Nah Right » Stack Bundles – It’s On (Prod. by Swizz Beatz) Says:

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