PIC: Dipset x Dr. Dre

Explains why Zeke pointed to a Dr. Dre cover in his Source interview.

Previously: The Dips tell Angie “the deal’s almost done.” (in Part 3)

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622 Responses to “PIC: Dipset x Dr. Dre”

  1. Cypher Says:

    Even when the winter had ended the memory of cOLD still remained

  2. Free J Says:

    i cant see it comin down my eye, why the fuck wit cOLD’s hard drive?
    i cant see it comin down my eye, why they fuck wit cOLD’s hard drive?

  3. why? Says:

    That All The Lights Kanye shit is borderline wack.


    Now that sounds unfinished. I be mad too if that leaked.

  4. mcb Says:

    damn NR staff, you didnt have to cOld back like that.

  5. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    *tattoos “cold’s son” across the belly*
    I might too

    ^Nigga. aint’chu tryna get at his wife? That proves you lost already.

  6. Troyvul Says:

    Monday morning wont be the same, his office wife will bring his coffee to an empty submit box


  7. G7 Says:

    4 hours later….lol

  8. dos equis Says:

    ^Nah, he just gave him a style for him to run with.

    ^^Nah that was nas..altho they was close they always had fallouts.

    cOLD was dead set against Nas getting his chipped tooth fixed..after seeing Nas (we went to pick him up from the dentist) cOLD’s exact words to Nas was
    “oh you fancy huh?”

  9. Cypher Says:

    *tattoos “cold’s son” across the belly*
    I might too

    ^Nigga. aint’chu tryna get at his wife? That proves you lost already.

    incest ether

  10. Troyvul Says:

    Nigga. aint’chu tryna get at his wife? That proves you lost already.
    Dont watch me, watch tv, love is somthing you cant deny.

    Neither are insurance payouts

  11. Free J Says:

    No one site should have all that poooower
    Nation trippin, cOLD been gone for hoooours

  12. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    4 hours later….lol

    >i promise this is near epic commenting. it was ether has written itself

  13. Free J Says:

    Ice , ice baby….

    even cOLD wouldnt cosign that…

  14. J.B. Says:

    “ASHLEY MURPHAAAAAY!!!!!” *Slap* That was cOLD bLOODED!

  15. ghost writer Says:

    When cOLD sees this he’s going to be heated

  16. Free J Says:

    yo i get the boosters boostin
    i get computers putin
    but not cOLD tho, nation got him booted

  17. mcb Says:

    he was a powerfull general,the smell from his breathe was ballantine this it was the year 89′
    He stayed the freshest, polo boots, wallies with them colorful low goose
    coming from Medina, we boost

    Stay Frozen

  18. Abortatron Says:


    DRS ‘gangsta lean’ in honor of cOLD
    Half days on Friday >>>>

  19. BrokenEmpires Says:

    No Max B aint lose, cuz he still managed to make songs with French Montana. One of the best song writers in hip-hop write now. French Montana has released better music, at a faster pace in the last 3 years than Dr. Dre has in the past decade.

  20. kiLLa b00! Says:


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