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Wale Discusses KiD CuDi w/ DJ Drama

On Friday night, Wale called in to DJ Drama’s show and they discussed his birthday weekend, the success of “No Hands” and ended up talking about KiD CuDi’s incendiary comments about him from the new issue of Complex that had surfaced earlier that day. At this point, Wale didn’t seem too phased by it, although he did respond to allegations made in the interview.


Props to RapRadar.

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11 Responses to “Wale Discusses KiD CuDi w/ DJ Drama”

  1. fuckyounah Says:

    man file not found wtf??? step ya game up for uyour international readers, fucking insular marfuckers.

  2. Royal Says:

    Ill & Al Scratch > Wale

  3. Mr. Miogi Says:

    Waiting in line at the DMV > Wale performing at the DMV

  4. mad Says:

    look at gay ass wale trying to start shit last year when cudi was just trying to be nice http://nahright.com/2009/09/04/cudi-tells-wale-not-to-read-nahright-comments/

  5. haloreachshotta Says:

    cudi >>>>>> wale
    cudi is way more talented and original. wale is just like any other rapper in the game, he doesn’t suck, but he isn’t that good. Plus, wale’s voice annoys me so much. He uses the same metaphors as everyone else plus they r simple and lame just like cudi said. that throwin wallets line sums up wale’s flow simple metaphors over and over, just another wannabe lil wayne.

    MOTM >>>>>>> AD

  6. clarencedandelion Says:

    Wale >>>> Kid Cudi

    Still bumpin ‘100 Miles and Running’ and ‘Paint a Picture’ mixtapes…


    Kid Cudi has the wackest fanbase of college boys who don’t even like Hip Hop, they just like the catchy beats,the weed shout outs and that emo-hop sound… Kid Cudi blows.

    J. Cole > Kid Cudi
    Big Sean > Kid Cudi

    fuck it,
    Nikki Minaj > Kid Cudi

  7. Young Lopez Says:

    Cudi > Wale
    Nikki Minaj > Wale
    Mack 10 > Wale
    69 Boyz > Wale
    The Ramones > Wale
    Daddy Yankee > Wale
    Sammy Davis Jr. > Wale
    Rudy Giuliani > Wale
    Halal cart > Wale
    Avatar > Wale
    Catching a flat tire on the BQE > Wale
    Losing my cell phone on the train > Wale
    heartburn > Wale
    jury duty > Wale
    Fire shutting down the Metro North for 3 hours > Wale

  8. clarencedandelion Says:

    Can’t sleep on the 69 boyz I guess…

  9. dockevoc Says:

    kid cudi and wale are unlistenable faggots – fuck them both

  10. thirdi Says:

    Saw Wale at le poisson rouge last year and Cudi made a guest appearance and preformed day and nite with Wale which was actually the lowpoint of the overall sick show. For someone who’s not into Wale musically Cudi seemed to be riding his coat tails that night. And Wale KILLED IT LIVE. J Cole and Tanya Morgan opened for em but of all the artists that night Cudi was the most forgettable.

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