Gucci Mane feat. Bun B – Lil Friend

Pitchfork just posted the opening track from The Appeal, which features Bun B and Gucci Mane doing a Scarface impersonation. One of the better songs that have surfaced from the album. Listen to “Missing” (produced by Zaytoven) over here.

Gucci Mane feat. Bun B – Lil Friend [via DGB] | Mediafire


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Previously: Gucci Mane ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell – Haterade

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38 Responses to “Gucci Mane feat. Bun B – Lil Friend”

  1. landlord Says:

    fuck boi hour

    (c) bILL bELICHICK

  2. Big_seth Says:

    Scarface the rapper or Scarface the movie?

  3. Big_seth Says:

    You look like Rosie O’Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower

    -bill b-ELI-chek

  4. landlord Says:


    (c) BIll Belichick on the team bus

  5. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    This shit leak yet?

  6. landlord Says:


    Broadway Bill88

  7. Jeezy The Snowman Says:

    Bun B for president

  8. landlord Says:

    “Im 23 with a money tree..”

    (c) Bill Belidrake

  9. landlord Says:

    YOU… i would.. die 4… you… yeah… DARLIN IF YOU WANT ME TO…”

    (c) Bill Belichick & The Revolution

  10. Heroin Headliner Says:

    “Once you go black, you never go back”

    (c) Bill Belichek

  11. landlord Says:

    “everty man has a place… in his heart there’s a space… and the world cant erase his fantasieeee-eeee-eeeees…”

    (c) Earth, Wind & Belichick

  12. dos equis Says:


    (c) Bill Bixbicheck

  13. Baby jesus Says:

    LMAO @ Lawrence maroney’s career

  14. why? Says:

    “That the morals that you think you got go out the window when all the other kids are fresh and they got new Nintendo Wiis and your child is down on her knees praying hard up to God for a whopper with cheese”

    – Billicheck 3000

  15. ThatMan Says:

    Wow. This Aloe Blacc “Good Things” is pretty damn good so far.

  16. Baby jesus Says:

    WTF, this nigga land is buggin now LMAOOO

  17. landlord Says:

    “you dont know NANN nigga..”

    (c) Bill BeliTrick Daddy

  18. Heroin Headliner Says:

    “I’ll fuck you till you love me, faggot”

    (c) Bill Belichek

  19. dos equis Says:

    For a second there I thought shit said gucci feat Lil B

    Ill shit was when Parcells and Belicheck was in NY media used to call them “big bill” and “little bill”..who knew “mumbles” would one day surpass “tits” as far as rings..with the use of cameras and tuck rules.

  20. koa29 Says: spoke to a rep for parent company Universal Music Group, who says the gossip is false.

    “[The rumors] are completely untrue and without merit,”



  21. landlord Says:

    marijuana is a helluva drug

    (c) Bill Belichick

  22. dos equis Says:

    # Baby jesus Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    LMAO @ Lawrence maroney’s career

    ^^Co LMAO..lil gay fish ass nigga..

  23. landlord Says:

    “are you in the mood yet?”

    (c) Bill Buddenchick

  24. ThatMan Says:


    Looks like Andy Reid is back on that Vick.

    He’s starting.

  25. Heroin Headliner Says:

    “I’m a pretty bitch”

    (c) Bill Belichek

  26. landlord Says:



    WTF? @ Lawrence Maroney

    (c) Bill Belichick forreal

  27. Big_seth Says:

    LA Reid was fired… he just doesn’t know yet and no one was supposed to leak that info.

    Mark my words in a few weeks/months, he is gone.

  28. dos equis Says:

    SMH..MORONey got that nigga whole ear in his mouth..his boyfriend all post coital.

  29. Big_seth Says:

    hoes on my dick cuz I look like Mickey Mouse

    -Bill Beezychek

  30. Baby jesus Says:

    tuck rules

    still smfh @ that afc title game. The raiders and charles woodson got robbed. Forreal

  31. Heroin Headliner Says:

    “Swalla or be swallad ”

    (c) Bill Belichek

  32. landlord Says:

    hoes on my dick cause i look like Bob Costas

    (c) Lil B. Belichick

  33. Hopp Says:

    ” L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Ginger ”

    SHIT ! Who da fuck produced this joint ?

  34. dos equis Says:

    still smfh @ that afc title game. The raiders and charles woodson got robbed. Forreal

    ^^Word..bullshit ass refs

    Drew Bledsoe rolling over in his grave

  35. Heroin Headliner Says:

    “Mangini on my dick cuz I look like his pops”

    (c) Bill Belichek

  36. Albert Findsdimes Says:


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