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Brisco feat. Rick Ross – Lonely Road (No DJ)

Brisco feat. Rick Ross – Lonely Road (No DJ) | Mediafire


Shouts to Papa Smirf.

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8 Responses to “Brisco feat. Rick Ross – Lonely Road (No DJ)”

  1. why? Says:

    Florida rappers FTL.

  2. rex hussla Says:

    look at KevFresco on the front left [ll]

  3. g7 Says:


  4. Hopp Says:

    Fuck you if you can watch Pt. 6 of that DJ Clark Kent interview and still not respect dude.

  5. KzA Says:

    lmao @ that teether..
    yall some fools..

  6. Don Vincenzo Says:

    I’m gonna assume this is trash and make the conscience decision to not press play download or acknowledge it even has a post past this comment

  7. Don Vincenzo Says:

    So who’s up for baseball

  8. why? Says:

    Imagine all the kids who gonna go to school for Geometry thanks to Waka.

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