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Lloyd Banks – King/Do My Thing

New Blue Hef, not off Hunger For More 2.

Lloyd Banks – King/Do My Thing

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9 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – King/Do My Thing”

  1. Marv Says:

    This ain’t bad at all!…

  2. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Very ill.

  3. Esvi Says:

    now tell me HFM2 aint gon be the album of the year

  4. J-hunt da Prodigy Says:

    Banks!!! I been sleeping on broski till this year, but he’s starting to win me over as a fan, almost certainly copping HFM2

  5. Whowantwhat Says:

    Banks been putting out nothing but HEAT!!!

  6. Dope Rush Says:

    Dayyyum this sh*t is dope

  7. Hi Hater! Says:

    HFM2 gonna be top 5 this year. believe that

  8. Suvio-Blue Says:

    PLK and Rae should be an amazing track!

  9. Poster Child Says:

    damn this guys putting out heattt, those features on hfm2 are looking dope to…

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