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Video: Avery Storm x Buckwild x Drag-On x Neo Da Matrix x The Heatmakerz in the Studio

Not all at once, it’s compiled footage of different studio sessions.

Previously: Fred The Godson x Avery Storm x The Heatmakerz (Video)

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8 Responses to “Video: Avery Storm x Buckwild x Drag-On x Neo Da Matrix x The Heatmakerz in the Studio”

  1. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Don Vincenzo
    8 mins ago
    Hol Up (c) Hov… So cuz Jay “bigged up his brother” he was a swagger jacker? So that makes His 1st three albums irrelevant? I thought using classic bars was the highest form a flattery… Niggas never seen Finding Forrester? What about the niggas who use Jay shit thats cool? What about Nas… Nas has done it a myriad of times from krs to rakim to big as well… he get a pass? Niggas kill me tryna to single out that nigga Hov for that shit… No thats not swagger jackin eng… the nigga wasnt coogi down, versace shades, cane, rapping wit a lisp talmbout room 112… He was keepin his brothers legacy alive the best way he knew how… THE NIGGA IS A TRENDSETTER! As far as them bad boy albums I know what they is and who they are but NONE of that shit resonated in my soul, in the hood, on the fucking radio like ANYTHING from the Roc did… Thats a scientific fact… Black Rob had a lil run wit the Whoa shit… But bleek as basic as a rapper he is still had better put together albums… Better production, better sequencing, Pain In Da Ass talking that shit, Hov features, squad cuts…
    Whos Sleeping >>>>>
    Memph Bleek Is>>>>>
    Stay Alive in NYC>>>>
    Regular Cat>>>>

    Do My>>>>>
    I Get High>>>>
    Mind Right+Mind Right Remix>>>>>
    Is That Your Chick (Lost Verses)>>>>>

    Dont ack like the nigga dont got bangers… Philadelphia Freeway was classic… Tough Luv knocked… State Prop 1 and 2… You already know how I feel about Beans no homo… I seriously do not remember ANY of any Bad Boy Albums after Harlem World… I think Double Up had one good track on it… Ima go back and listen to Child of the Ghetto, And Life Story… But right now

    ROC >>>>> Bad Boy

  2. Jeezy The Snowman Says:


  3. fuck boy music Says:

    don vince…nobody is gonna read all that…cliff notes nigger

  4. Mr. Freeze aka Muffler Lungs Says:

    @ Jeezy


  5. Mag Says:

    One of these days Kanye is gonna admit to kissing men… And these nahggers is going to give him a pass. SMH


  6. Mr. Freeze aka Muffler Lungs Says:

    lol, I thought the same shit

  7. Marv Says:

    *Daps Mag*

    We all know that nigga’s a funboy, him and Diddy need to come out the closet already no homo…..

    They’re both funny weirdos….

  8. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Read it or not it’s there… And in the last post… And in the wale post… Somebody read it even if they ain’t admit it… And fuck cliff notes nigger

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