Rick Ross feat. Slim Thug – Paid The Cost

Slim Thug got a couple good shots in after “King Boss” leaked last week, before they recorded this (when Ross wasn’t answering.)

UPDATE: Rick Ross feat. Slim Thug – Paid The Cost (Dirty) | Clean

Rick Ross feat. Slim Thug-Paid The Cost (Dirty)

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533 Responses to “Rick Ross feat. Slim Thug – Paid The Cost”

  1. Eastern_Digital aka Nahright's Fantasy Football champ Says:


  2. Hopp Says:


  3. Thursday Says:


    new ‘Ye.

  4. hl Says:

    “I’m 30 now, babysit drinks and sip em’ slow”

    ^Story of my life.

  5. musicman10 Says:


    He late but this shit is dope

  6. Jerry Nice Says:

    Yeah this is the illest Ye track I’ve heard in a while, no way this shit is mastered though…track is way louder than his vocals, damn is it dope though.

  7. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Kush and Ima Beast>>>>>>>>>>

  8. Yeah Right Says:

    Another Kanye track to go hard in the whip.
    This is disgusting. Smooth and unfinished like there’s a verse missing.

  9. Jerry Nice Says:

    Nahrights’ slippin

  10. Hopp Says:

    Wait, the new Kanye is No I.D.-produced ?

    Time to press that play button, then …

  11. Jerry Nice Says:

    I heard the Black Milk album leaked…can anyone point me to a link?

  12. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Its better than Monster… This album will be sick

  13. Jerry Nice Says:

    Monster and the power remix are both songs for the jayz ep, not for the ye album

  14. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    finally Ye got it right…..this new joint is ill

  15. 45% Says:

    This joints gotta be about amber rose

  16. hl Says:

    New Kanye is DOPE. For real. More of that, less of that other shit.

  17. Yeah Right Says:

    Nate needs to stop getting dome from an eskimo and post that ‘Ye

  18. Kufi smacks Says:

    Yea that Kanye shit is Fire…

    And The Nigga Llyod Banks put out a banger too…

    Shit even that French Montana/Waka cut sound ight…

  19. Charles Oakley Says:

    Black Milk ft. Danny Brown – Black & Brown

  20. NovemberEnd Says:

    that Kanye track is meh…the No I.D. beat is crack…however Ye lyrics didn’t move me at all…

  21. hl Says:

    Charles Oakley Says:

    Black Milk ft. Danny Brown – Black & Brown


  22. Kufi smacks Says:

    B Says:
    September 3rd, 2010 at 9:39 pm
    Until I see documented proof t.I ain’t a snitch.snitching ain’t cool but neither is killing and hurting people.if u didn’t do a crime u wouldn’t have gotten snitched on dumbass.


    B is for Bitch HuH?

    Youtube him snitching in court…

  23. Kufi smacks Says:

    Bout to listen to the Banks track again… Thanks to rapradar

  24. Hopp Says:

    ” the No I.D. beat is crack ”

    I am indeed sayin’ …

  25. BK...Then Them Says:

    kanye new shit cool….

  26. Yeah Right Says:

    Nah’s starting to look like Diddyblog. Fruity Ciroc ad. Letting a Ross track ride over an epic Kanye/No ID track.

    I think Hypebeast posted this track before you did Nah.

  27. Charles Oakley Says:

    hl check your latisaw gmail

  28. hl Says:

    @Oakley Appreciate that.

  29. Charles Oakley Says:

    no doubt


  30. Cypher Says:

    Kanye Devil in a new dress


    Kanye aint a good enough rapper for this beat..

  31. Kufi smacks Says:

    Max B would have killed that shit…

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