Beanie Sigel feat. King The Hood Savior – Haters (Jay-Z & Kanye Diss)

Beans recruits Chicago rapper King The Hood Savior (supposedly the first artist signed to State Property Chicago) to help him get at his old Roc-A-Fella classmates.

Beanie Sigel & King The Hood Savior – Haters (Jay-Z & Kanye Diss)


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60 Responses to “Beanie Sigel feat. King The Hood Savior – Haters (Jay-Z & Kanye Diss)”

  1. PHD Says:

    I just feel so bad for Beans. He’s still very talented but he’s obviously still using drugs and at his age he has no business still talking wild about being in the streets and calling people gay considering all the implications that come with his multiple jail bids. Jay obviously hurt him bad and he can’t let it go. Dame should talk to Beans and show him how to deal with Jay’s jealous, angry maneuvering that always fucks over his friends in favor of money. Beans should know by now that it’s business and not personal. That was evidenced by how Jay sonned NaS by signing him and becoming his boss but at the same time getting NaS the most money from a record label he’s ever seen and making NaS a very rich man — because it was a coup for Jay to sign NaS to Def Jam, so Jay got ultra paid too. A win-win! But Beans couldn’t stay off that lean and stop popping those perks, and next thing you know Beans — who Jay went to bat for a zillion times by helping Beans get his own label, his own sneaker line, put him in movies, his own clothing line, and much MUCH more — gets lazy and can’t make a hit. And like any smart record mogul knows, no hits = no money. So Beans is dead weight, and like Beans saw Jay do with Amil, Jay cut Beans off and moved on. Business, not personal. But Beans is a scorned jail/street thug and he can’t discern between the two. And so here we are today. Jay is well on his way to becoming hip-hop’s first billionaire and Beans is still battling jealousy, envy and drug addiction… Sad story.


  2. rick ro$$ Says:

    ahhh why beans….smh……….

  3. TheIMasterify Says:

    Very disrespectful.

  4. jaymalls Says:

    @Pete… Come the fuq down b. Who the fuck takes (nh) comments seriously? You need some brown grenadine vag 2 pond out asap! If u lived on the east coast i could have got that done for u…

    ^For a small fee of course!!!

  5. zamora Says:

    Kanye *Way way SKY HIGH……. right now.. and still on the way up… who’s better than the G.O.O.D. music label.. …

  6. ginobli Says:

    remember jealousy is a wasted emotion beans cut the crap u been going at jay for 2 years now time to get up off your fat ass and do something cuz

  7. Blacklion Says:

    Broke bullies trip me the fuck out.

  8. Pete Says:

    JayMalls: are you hitting on me? or is that an apology? Either way I forgive you, you F@ggot

  9. Pete Says:

    JayMills: I got a whole bunch of Family in BK, So what you want to do P*ssy?

    Bet he don’t respond. LOL

  10. Pete Says:

    @ GayMalls: you shouldn’t talk about peoples back ground then start back peddling like a little bitch. Is that how your Mother raised you? too bad you never you your dad moth#$fu@k the F@g.

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