Video: She’s Thinking Philippes, We Thinking Wing Stop

“fiending Lemon Pepper”

WingStop might as well just cut the Cop a check already.

Teaser #4 from The Next 48 Hours with Rick Ross.

Previously: Rick Ross Interview w/ Funkmaster Flex

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10 Responses to “Video: She’s Thinking Philippes, We Thinking Wing Stop”

  1. 50 Says:

    WingStop might as well just cut the Cop a check already.

    ^ i love it when eskay calls rick ross a cop

  2. fuck boy music Says:

    Rick Ross needs to lay off the chicken wings..

  3. LaneKiffin*CainSniffin*LaneSwitchin* Says:

    ” This nigga gucci learned how to rap somehow… ”

    What the fuck ? Can you name the track off the tape that illustrates this statement the best so I can uTube it and verify it for myself ?

    dont believe the hype. Gucci could have a black magic ritual done to where he posseses the souls of Big L, Biggie and Big Pun and that nigga would STILL be garbage

  4. fuck boy music Says:

    who would take a jump off to Phillipe Chows..

    Sucker for love ass niggas…

  5. anon Says:

    i’m beginning to wonder why funk likes that line so much.

    he either really really hates women.

    or, it’s a secret code referring to whitey. (i.e., the “she” is whitey, or perhaps jewz).

    whaddya think nahggies?

  6. LaneKiffin*CainSniffin*LaneSwitchin* Says:

    dam how they shit on that Chip Tha Ripper post like that? lol that post lasted like .2 miliseconds.

    niggas better make sure them checks clear

  7. Big_seth aka Bruce Bamma Says:

    fuck boy music Says:

    And I Might Add he’s good looking too.

    That’s why Jay and Em gravitate towards Drake.

    WTF wrong with you?

  8. b Says:

    last night i cried tears of sorrow, what did i do to deserve this.

  9. lea Says:

    wing stop doesnt need Ross to sell wings they got Troy Akiman! Ross couldnt eve keep his own restaurant open down here!!!

  10. Young' Cardie (Tyqwuan Jackson) Says:

    how many times can people keep calling rick ross a fucking cop!!!! i mean like man, GET OVER IT. He fed his family like a real man is supposed to. unlike half of these stupid niggas out there hustling and getting arrested and breaking up their own family by emploding. further leading to section 8 housing and a vagrant derilect child. shit, the man makes great fucking music. look at his body of work, his resume is sick. get off of the COP SHIT. that is so lame and last year. you fucking bloggers I SWEAR!!!

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