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Video: K’NAAN ft. Adam Levine – Bang Bang

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6 Responses to “Video: K’NAAN ft. Adam Levine – Bang Bang”

  1. Jr Says:

    this guys flow is all over the place and looks like a fag sound like one to #pause

  2. Mixtape Torrent Says:

    To say pop artists look like fags today isn’t a relevant observation anymore. It’s not like he’s doing baggy pants grass roots boom, bap, rap. The guy is making international, pop, hip, hop on the level of Black Eyed Peas. I wonder why you concerned about his sexuality when there’s near bare breasted women in the video.

  3. SDP Says:

    waryaa K’naan

    we proud of u my nigga. keep doin u. u do it the best.

    ay Jr

    suck a dick

  4. Jr Says:

    u first bitch ass pirate

  5. ClarenceD Says:

    knaan hooked up with this 18 year old chic after a show, who i used to go to school with, and apparently he was actin mad grimey and blowing up this little girls phone for like a week afterwards still tryina holler and get the bop..

    knaan = a bamma

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