Video: Kanye Speaks @ The Rolling Stone Offices

The offices of Rolling Stone were the latest stop on Kanye’s promo tour:

West says the vibe of his new record is positivity, acknowledging that he’s made mistakes in his life. Adding that he believes great art doesn’t have to come from dark places, he said, “I feel like [now] I can be a vessel for good will and energy.” Dressed in a tailored charcoal gray suit, black wayfarer-style sunglasses and lace-less Dries Van Noten shoes, West opened up his laptop and fired through nearly a dozen new tracks plus snippets of unfinished ones. He played the full version of “My Chain Heavy” (the racially charged song he debuted a cappella at Facebook earlier this week), which was anchored by an old-school beat with a spacey whistle hook. Other songs featured some of Kanye’s most adventurous and experimental music yet: heavy beats, cellos, sparse piano lines, fuzzed-out electric guitar solos, and spooky sci-fi melodies.

In this clip he pontificates about how his art is coming from a place of  joy and excitement, and the limits of rap and putting your life on the line for your art and how so many artists today are pussies.

I’m just saying… what’s your credenza game…#DON‘TTALKTOME!!! Jul 29 19:51:35 via Twitpic

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  1. mcb Says:

    I think I’m big meech, Larry Hoover,
    live like me, delusions rule ya…

    just playing bawseeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. SayyyWorddd Says:

    Man Yeezy slow down on all that excess shit and deliver a powerful album

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