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KiD CuDi – Mr. Rager (prod. Kanye West) + Mojo [Snippets]

Two 30sec snippets from Man On The Moon II (due Sept. 14th) via THI.

KiD CuDi – Mr. Rager (prod. Kanye West) [Snippet]

KiD CuDi – Mr. Rager (Prod. by Kanye West) (Snippet)

KiD CuDi – Mojo [Snippet]

KiD CuDi – Mojo (Snippet)

Previously: KiD CuDi feat. Kanye West – Erase Me (prod. Jim Jonsin) [Dirty CDQ]

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13 Responses to “KiD CuDi – Mr. Rager (prod. Kanye West) + Mojo [Snippets]”

  1. Bama Says:

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth “Caramel City”>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. louisdadon Says:

    honostly i hate kid cudi. all his music sounds the same to me. audio meth>>
    “girl im a bad boy” by diddy and fat joe>>>>
    “trade it all” jagged edge ft fabolous>>>
    “world is empty” j.cole>>>>
    “something” drake>>>>>
    “rich of cocaine” rick ross’s third verse>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. PW Says:

    I’d kick my own ass before I willingly listen to another cudder song.

  4. The Shot Clock Says:

    I’d kick my own ass before I willingly listen to another cudder song.


    word…nigga had 2 mixtapes and a nice album. he needs to retire now like he said he was gonna cos his sound has a short lifespan.


    Looks like KiD CuDi set to drop another dope album.

  6. Rec Says:

    Cudi dope actually ya’ll just don’t understand. (lames)

  7. Philly Says:

    I hate when people say you don’t “understand” something when you simply don’t like it. What’s deep about Kid Cudi? What’s to understand? All the leaks from the new album are lame…..we understand that!

  8. Da Says:

    this is sounding dope. Besides, his songs translate well into live shows, and thats how artists make their money nowadays. Take a second to take that in.

  9. Dat_dude Says:

    Cudder is on point, haters are to ignorant to give it an ear. Listen up fools, shit is complex

  10. poop Says:

    fuck the haters. Cudi is dope and if you don’t like his music then dont go on some website to listen to it. retards.

  11. John Johnson Says:

    I Just hate it when people search for Kid Cudi to listen to his music knowing you don’t like his style of music, and it’s ok if you think it’s lame”Philly”. But your judging his album as a whole after you’ve heard two songs and some snippets. I’m just saying that’s borderline being a hater

  12. DavidR Says:

    Agree with john… Why hate? you dont like it? then this isnt your style.. so stop hating.

  13. Nah Right » KiD CuDi – Mojo So Dope (Full Song) Says:

    […] 30 second snippet of this leaked last week, here’s the full song via YoungMoneyHD.com Lime Light Exclusives […]

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