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Nickelus F – All I Kno

The first leak off Nickelus F & DJ Delz’s Commercials mixtape, dropping August 3rd.

Commercials is the prelude to the deluxe edition/retail re-release (with bonus tracks) of Season Premiere, which hits iTunes on August 24th.

Nickelus F – All I Kno (prod. Adam Boulessba) | Mediafire

Nickelus F -All I Kno

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5 Responses to “Nickelus F – All I Kno”

  1. gignatic Says:

    never thought I’d really see my boy Adam on nahright…

  2. mista cj jizzle jones Says:

    sick beat. real clean

  3. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    Thinking about enlisting in the Army.

    Somebody tell me I’m crazy.

  4. AbleNorm Says:

    Youre crazy.

    ThIS SoNG iZ DOpe…

  5. ozric Says:

    This beat is rather impeccable if I do say so myself. In my humble opinion, the producer behind this track clearly has some incredible talent that remains largely untapped thus far; as such, it is clear that employing his productions in the future could only serve to behoove any aspiring MCs.

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