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Video: C-N-N Discuss Mel Gibson Phonecall w/ Angela Yee

“He punched her in the face while she had their baby in her hands?! Aww c’mon Mel. You can’t hate Blacks, Jewish people AND babies.”

via TeamYee

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3 Responses to “Video: C-N-N Discuss Mel Gibson Phonecall w/ Angela Yee”

  1. J Says:

    Lol, Mel Gibson Hates Blacks Jews And Babies. But that just start his list. When you hate everyone does that make you a racist too?….. Maybe.

  2. pst Says:

    i think im mel gibson!

  3. iron fist Says:

    this guy is ridiculous….

    Im never watchin braveheart again…i feel offended like when Kramer disrespected. Ill slap fire out of both these chickenshits. Smash they grill just for breathin.

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