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Video: XV x Seven Working on Vizzy’s Zone

Seven making “The Flying V,” the intro of XV’s Vizzy Zone mixtape.

Yeah, this beat is serious. I got the chance to hear this and 2-3 other tracks from the new tape on a visit to StadiumRed last month, and they were all retarded. Looking forward to hearing the finished product. Thanks to Dara and Omen.

The single drops tomorrow.

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14 Responses to “Video: XV x Seven Working on Vizzy’s Zone

  1. Harlem World Says:

    All that equipment and no fuckin hits?

    Loom up b…loom up

  2. Harlem World Says:

    # Beezy Says:
    July 13th, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    how the fuck does Wayne sleep in until 11am in jail?

    With a dick in his ass…

  3. cOLD Says:

    fuck boi hour extended (pause)

  4. G7 Says:

    mcb in the lab

  5. Jayson Werth's beard Says:

    the single tho

  6. Albert Findsdimes Says:

    “The transistor became the basis of a new invention called the “computer” which I suspect those of you reading this may be familiar with.

    After a failed attempt at running a business, he became a professor at Stanford, which was more than happy to take on a Nobel Prize winner. While he enjoyed the job, he apparently had way too much spare time to think about non-physics related things. Like eugenics.

    He decided that intelligence is determined by our genes, which most people agree is partially true. Then he decided that black people had less of these good genes, and it all went to hell. Highlights of his self-destructing career path include a Senate campaign on the platform of sterilizing people with sub-100 IQs, and becoming the only Nobel Prize winner to answer a call for donations to a superbaby sperm bank.”

  7. RIGZ Says:

    Its like Im, pimping & serving once the dicks inserted…she turn into a whole different person-
    Digging purses, image worship, that’s like our churches..you can tell Im a pimp by how my shirt fit…

  8. sleep Says:

    My money burning my money burning (c) ross

    What does this even mean, did the bank catch on fire no need to worry its fdic insured

  9. oké! Says:

    30mins layover dropped like 5 months ago…
    Vizzy needs a wider audience! Couldn’t he manage to get a Cudi feat?!

    Hey eskay! What’s wrong with putting up my blog into the “Website” field?!
    My comments with the website filled in always request moderation but never get it!! dammit

  10. oké! Says:

    WTF @3:28?!
    Are you f*ckin serious with that tattoo on your arm?!

  11. d Says:

    that beat sucked.

  12. adam Says:

    @ oké!
    i was thinking the same damn thing, pikachu?!

  13. 2D Says:

    that’s a lot of work to go through for a track as mas-o-menos as that…

  14. BKB Says:

    Im from the Philippines and I am a major Vizzy fan, there are also a few Vizzheadzz down here in SE Asia…This song is kinda gonna be hard to inhale for some of the SE Asian XV fans, cuz Flying V is a prominent gas company in our region and it gets it’s oil from BP! (O.O)

    I hope for the best for Vizzy on this one! :D

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