Ras Kass x Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson and Ras Kass hit the mic together to release some hate.

Ha ha. Ras Kass samples Mel Gibson’s lunacy for a club banger.

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8 Responses to “Ras Kass x Mel Gibson”

  1. casket face Says:

    Mike tries to be diplomatic but then says we wanna see danny shop your ass…smh, and the naacp co-signs. Nigs stay losing in the media

  2. hl Says:

    holy shit…

  3. the real truth Says:


  4. casket face Says:

    Kass ….stick to rap, electro is not ur thing. Smh @ niggas. using any excuse to get on …..

  5. 007 Says:

    Ras Kass CANT be serious w this.


  6. spirit equality Says:

    LMAO! y’all need a sense of humor, that sh*t was funny and he’s clearly f**king around the mic. would be funny if this was the song that blew him up though. hahaha

  7. jhuntdaprodigy Says:


  8. OCMP Says:

    That shit was jokes. It’s dope. Rass Kass is a legend in the game

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