Stat Quo ft. Talib Kweli – Allright (prod. Symbolyc One)


Off Statlanta, which is finally getting its retail release this Tuesday.

Stat Quo ft. Talib Kweli – Allright | Mediafire

Produced by Symbolyc One (Kanye West “Power”)


Bonus: Stat Quo ft. Marsha Ambrosius – Welcome Back | Mediafire


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11 Responses to “Stat Quo ft. Talib Kweli – Allright (prod. Symbolyc One)”

  1. Mr. First Says:

    They’ve even talked about droppin’ their next album on BadBoy. Though I doubt that happens.

    doubt it being on Bad Boy? or doubt it ever drops??

  2. Naythen Says:

    why does this guy still rap.. -__-

  3. SeniorCivilian Says:

    Talib Kweli is slowly turning into the Bun B of NY with these random ass guest appearances…

  4. G7 Says:

    ^i was thinking the same thing the other day his appearence on that Gucci song. Kwe must be on some southern tour bumpin into whoever.

  5. the TK 781 Says:

    talib goin south and wow i would have been ampped if this came out when he was on the shady camp

  6. Instru-mental Says:

    Em fucked this guys career over

  7. koa29 Says:


    nah, moreso Jimmy Iovine fuckin EVERYONE in interscope over.

    Interscope: new hip hop artist (not signed/co-signed by Dre) graveyard

  8. Who is Kid Ikarus??? Says:

    yo this track is tough, fuck the haterz! anything with talib is worth listening to and stat quoe is bringing that real shit, and this “symbolic one” cat is starting to impress me, power was crazy and this song feels like fresh air. i would love to hope on something like this.

  9. koa29 Says:

    for real tho did anyone even listen to this?

    hot…stat stay makin’ good music…

  10. nutty Says:

    they spelled “allright” wrong. smh. talking about how bad the world is. lulz.

  11. tre Says:

    Excellent track. The commentary at the end was lame.

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