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Video: Sean Price Interview w/ 16Bars.de

P! talks Grown Man Rap plans, Def Jam rumors, and shows us, Dallas Penn & 2dopeboyz love for being his best supporters.

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9 Responses to “Video: Sean Price Interview w/ 16Bars.de”

  1. heroin headliner Says:

    I’m in Miami, bitch…..




  2. heroin headliner Says:

    I wear an iced out Jesus piece so Hell fire can’t scorch me


  3. Coonway Twitty Says:

    Does DP like DPs?

  4. SayyyWorddd Says:

    Real nigga P!

  5. Bullet Bill Says:

    Sean Price is pretty much the only rapper I give a shit about anymore. 99% garbage out there except for P.

  6. The Shot Clock Says:


  7. geen 1 Says:

    how cant u not fuck with p???? niggas crazy

  8. Instru-mental Says:


  9. samsohn Says:

    hey yo P…i just really been getting into yah catalogue the last few months…shit’s been on my ipod nonstop fam…i feel u with the trust issues and not fucking wit dudes that aint yah friends…crazy world nowadays…way to many snakes and sharks at all levels of the game…but keep putting it down fam…people hearing u in LI all day of course

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