RIP Rammellzee


So I was hoping this would turn out to be a false rumor, but with no official word saying otherwise, it appears that Hip-Hop/Graffitti icon Rammellzee has passed away. Fab 5 Freddy announced the news yesterday on Twitter, and seeing as how those guys go back to the very genesis of this thing of ours, his word is most likely bond.

If you’re not familiar with Rammellzee, you can school yourself here, here and here. There’s also alot of great documentation in Jeff Chang’s book Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Just don’t let KRS-One catch you reading it.

Rest in power.

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264 Responses to “RIP Rammellzee”

  1. young hov Says:

    I currently weigh 213lbs. Nigga went from size 44 jeans to size 32.
    Damn my nig.. I weigh 145 and I’m a 34.. You on that skinny jean shit? (no homo/ no shots)

  2. Bigspitgame Says:

    Jihad u bout to have me on my cross country shit… I can’t front tho that shit seem extra difficult

  3. abortatron Says:

    i’m seriously stressed the fuck out over this lebron shit..

    like.. can’t i do something? a hunger strike? a candle light vigil?

    damn.. lebron … don’t go..

    (super pause all that)

  4. why? Says:


    *Retires from Nah*

  5. 911 Says:

    i mean my friends say the same shti about me. im not per se, a pussy
    I’m out

    ^>deviants and retards. Smh. Shouts to dblock for keeping the party going. Lmbao. Not pussy per se. I’m so confused right now I can’t even think of a joke to pair with that…

  6. ghost writer Says:

    weigh 213lbs. Nigga went from size 44 jeans to size 32.

    32? Damn (n) that don’t seem right unless you on that skinny jeans movement

  7. ghost writer Says:

    I weigh 145


  8. 456 Says:

    my Haiku Game >>>>

    ^ross’ haiku game >>>>>

  9. moresickaMC Says:


    hiphop 4 elements

  10. moresickaMC Says:

    Can’t Stop Won’t Stop by Jeff Chang great book, exhaustively researched

    not a book for the shallow hiphop fan.

  11. 456 Says:

    The Real Rick Ross Goes On TV Explaining Why He’s Suing Rick Ross To Change His Name! “Hes A Fake” (Wants $10 Million & 50% Of Rick Ross’s Royalties)

    ^this nigga cant be serious

  12. Devin KKenny Says:

    Have some respect. This dude is a LEGEND.

  13. J. Caesar Says:

    good shit eskay……rip Rammellzee

  14. ertzui Says:

    have some respect.
    one of the greatest has passed.

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