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Von Pea – So Motivational (Preview)


This shit is crack! The Tanya Morgan member has been leaking tracks from his upcoming mixtape all week long on his website. Props to Heinz for putting these three joints up because I couldn’t pick.

Von Pea feat. Che Grand – Show Em Up


Von Pea feat. The Lessondary – Faded


Von Pea feat. Sene – Cantstandya


Track list for Von Pea’s So Motivational after the jump.

Previously: Donwill & Von Pea ft. Che Grand – Headphone Rock

1-Scorpio (Intro) (prod. Von Pea)
2-Show Em Out (f/ Che Grand) (prod. Algorhythm)
3-Faded (w/ The Lessondary) (prod. AEON)
4-Cantstandya (w/ Sene) (prod. Thoughts For Food)
5-Lookin Fly (f/ Trackademicks & Donwill) (prod. Von Pea)
6-Something To Do (prod. Brandun Deshay)
7-I Dont Know (w/ Danny! & Stephanie Mae) (prod. D. Swain)
8-And Rollerskates! (2010) (f/ ABNG) (prod. Jermiside)
9-Fancy Nancy (prod. Brandun Deshay)
10-2 Hungry Bros. Freestyle
11-Something Better (w/ XV & Donwill) (Illmind instrumental)
12-Year of the Other (w/ Max Mega & Justin Battle) (prod. A3)
13-Jump In (prod. Von Pea)
14-Sellin’ Outro (w/ and produced by Willi Dudat)

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5 Responses to “Von Pea – So Motivational (Preview)”

  1. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Cause this is Hip-Hop. A competitive sport.
    True but taking into account that Jeezy has a shitty single out, this move was counter productive on his behalf. He NEEDED to be on that song.

  2. 911 Says:

    I don’t think jeezy’s version of BMF is a diss, certainly not in content, although I think I heard a couple wooooo’s(Ross adlib) in there. Maybe a slight in namesake. That all.

    Do people want beef that bad?

  3. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Do people want beef that bad?
    The title is B.M.F. (The REAL BMF) and Meech says quite a few things that can be interpreted as innuendo. Surely you can see why these are plausible reasons as to why someone would take this stuff as Ross slights.

  4. SayyyWordd Says:

    I call it how I see it, Ross put out BMF and Jeezy counters with The Real BMF, its not rocket science, but Jeezy would still look suspect since him an Ross recorded a song or two together. Jeezy been one of those niggas who encourage listeners to do background checks on niggas and he didn’t do that when him an Ross were rhymin side by side.

  5. 911 Says:

    Daps dblock and sayword

    I think it’s a little more complex than just ‘oh fuck that nigga’. Jeezy is riding Ross wave by having a song of the same namesake, whilst validating or authenticating himself to new and old fans, who may have been hearing that jeezy a snitch noise. All the while, he has himself associated and in comparison with Ross whose on fire right now. if only his version didn’t suck in comparison…

    Idk, I just don’t think this is beef. *Shrugs*

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