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Video: Jay-Z & Eminem on Late Night w/ David Letterman (Performance & Interview)


Shawn and Marshall on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater. More after the jump including Em’s Top 10 pieces of advice for the kids and Jay’s full interview with Dave.

“Not Afraid”

“On To The Next One”

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10 Responses to “Video: Jay-Z & Eminem on Late Night w/ David Letterman (Performance & Interview)”

  1. Dante Says:

    Eminem still lip-syncing? smh

  2. Mr.Londoner Says:

    he wasnt on “Renegade”

  3. hands Says:

    yeah he performed that night at the bowery ballroom and lipsynced some freestyles as well. not a big fan of that i gotta admit.

  4. Applauderous Says:

    ^only for the chorus of not afraid..

  5. mmkayy Says:

    ^^ no lip synching buddy esp not with the freestyle lol

  6. Vman Says:

    The crowd sucked….it seems like they didn’t undersand the awesomeness of what they were seeing!!!! SMH

  7. hands Says:

    yeah he lipsynced that freestyle over the drake beat he came out to at the bowery ballroom. the 2 songs off the album were not lipsynced though. em also lipsynced not afraid on that english show that was posted on here a week or so ago.

    i can’t see those videos above so can’t comment on that

  8. ActuallyBrown Says:

    Diddy was def. enjoying himself during Renegade. (4:14)

  9. ClarenceD Says:

    Jays verses > Em’s verses

    I would have loved to see this

  10. ERIC Says:

    this audience blows… go crazy for ‘on to the next one,’ but don’t even get hyped for ‘renegade.’ SMH

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