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El-P – Meanstreak (Instrumental)


Here’s a new three-part instrumental suite from El-P, along with something he leaked on his Facebook last week. Both from Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3, dropping August 3rd on Gold Dust Records. Physical copies of Volume 3 will include download links for the first two volumes that were only given out at live shows.

El-P – Meanstreak (in 3 parts)

Bonus: El-P – Whores (The Movie)

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7 Responses to “El-P – Meanstreak (Instrumental)”

  1. Upset The Setup Says:

    The silence in the comments is deafening.

    Speaks volumes to El-P’s irrelevance

  2. Bigspitgame Says:

    Nobody gives a fuck

  3. Mr.Enok Says:

    Fuck that, El-p is/has been Iller than most of these cats out here since Funcrusher plus.

  4. nutty Says:

    no. fucking. doubt!

    excited about this shit.

  5. Jabsent Says:

    fuck these lames that know nothing of indie rap artists

    el’s dope

  6. NYHC81 Says:

    maybe he should do a song with Jay Eletrolisis or whatever the fuck his name is and he’ll get some posts on “Nah Right”. or Nikie Manache she’s a hot rapper yo. and Drake! his songs bang son. fuckin main stream idiots lol.

  7. NYHC81 Says:

    oh yeah and Smoke Dza, OJ Da Juice Man & Gucci Mang or whatever the fuck that guys name is. that’s what hip hop is all about, right? gold fronts and borrowed jewlery, mtv and z100. right?

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