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Waka Flocka Flame feat. Gucci Mane – Hard In The Paint (Remix)


Waka’s about to be a two-hit wonder. OJ must be salty as fuck.

Waka Flocka Flame feat. Gucci Mane – Hard In The Paint (Remix)

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19 Responses to “Waka Flocka Flame feat. Gucci Mane – Hard In The Paint (Remix)”

  1. DTL Says:


  2. Rome Says:


  3. NovemberEnd Says:

    Waka isn’t as terrible as people would like you to believe

    *straight face*

  4. Patron James Says:

    1017 Brick Squad!

  5. Patron James Says:

    BMF MC Hammer pt 3.

  6. louisdadon Says:

    gucci got way better than he used to be. i think it was jail. flow is crazy on this one. (and i haaate gucci)

  7. NovemberEnd Says:

    can this be called a remix….just sounds like Gucci threw a verse on a song….i guess his “buzz” has cooled off considerably to the point where he going try to leach off Waka now (n)

  8. A Chick Says:

    I can’t believe J Cole is trendin on twitter. Guess ppl do still watch videos. lol

  9. Officer Duscrom Says:

    Michael Michael Michael you my nigga

  10. fuzz e. Says:

    GTFOH. did someone teach Gucci to rap? i ain’t expect that from him. He actually flowed like her could hear the beat. the world is bout to fucking end

  11. Camelot Says:

    Patron James Says:
    “Eminem will rap circles around your favorite rapper” (c) Ice Cube

    Yup, that pretty much sums it up.
    a cosign dont mean shit


    Your absolutely right! What was I thinking?

    One of the greatest rappers of rap history, pioneer of west coast hip-hop, quintessential member of what is arguably the most influential rap group ever assembled, creator of 2 of the most seminal solo-albums of the 90s, creator of “Today Was Good Day” one of raps greatest songs ever crafted, going on record stating that out of the 250,000 rappers that exists, he personally feels that Eminem is by far the most impressive and deserving of praise…


    “don’t mean shit”

    Jimmy, I think that patron got you saying all kinds of shit tonight. Its alright though, give that Burrshit 3D (or whatever its called) a few more spins and sooth yourself with the ingenious and cleverly put together lyrics of mr. radric davis. I mean he WAS on his way to getting a college degree, RIGHT? So that makes him sooooo much better than literally 99.6% of all rappers, RIGHT?

    Lie in your bed and “burr” yourself to sleep nigga.

  12. Mr.Londoner Says:

    awwww look B.F.F have matching shirts

  13. Mr.Londoner Says:

    # Smooth Says:
    June 21st, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    Voltron aka fuck detox Says:
    June 21st, 2010 at 8:55 pm
    # Smooth Says:
    June 21st, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Thank me now is a great album outro

    the GOAT album outro = the one on food and liquor…the beat was BANGIN!!! (espeically considering lupe was just talking)


    Best album outro is May-December on BOBS… closely followed by Casa Bey on The Ecstatic.


    May-December -> dope
    Casa Bey -> not so much
    how can u act like “Last Call” wasnt the greatest outro of all time.. ninjas memorised the whole song word for word and pretty much set up the “Big Brother” song

  14. hiphopsince1980 Says:

    Vado is getting better he started as a nice complimentary sidekick but now I think he can hold ones attention a whole album

  15. casket face Says:

    My adventure @ DETROIT 2010 Annual Target Fireworks Display


  16. Branson_Blunts Says:

    OJ da JuiceMan > Waka


    this songs riot music

  18. Real Talk but not NY Says:

    Young Joos Mayne > Waka Flaka Lame

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