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Termanology – The Resistance (G-Mix)


Term adds some bars to what is probably the best track on Drake’s Thank Me Later.

Termanology – The Resistance (G-Mix)


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5 Responses to “Termanology – The Resistance (G-Mix)”

  1. KzA Says:

    anyone around from no. maryland?

  2. Vincent Van Dro Says:

    Term looks like he got shrunk in the wash in this pic.

    Tailors FTW


    Best track my ass….

  4. iron fist Says:


    you nahggers amaze me with who u post on this site. You really listen to shit like this?

    Son sound like he got a lisp from a fat lip for gettin smacked for rappin…

    if that make sense.

  5. koa29 Says:

    smh, if u gunna say “best track”… add an imo on it…fooollaayyy

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