Video: Eminem Talks Recovery w/ Clinton Sparks

Em talks capeless flight, drugs and Recovery with Clinton Sparks.

Below check out some snippets of 2 bonus tracks that will come with the iTunes Delux Edition of Recovery.  One of them will feature most of Slaughterhouse with the exception of Joe Budden.

[audio:] [audio:]
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18 Responses to “Video: Eminem Talks Recovery w/ Clinton Sparks”

  1. Hopp Says:

    ” Em talks capeless flight ”


    I’m out. Peace.

  2. Remixznflow Says:


  3. Ghost Writer Says:

    lol…capeless flight

  4. hl Says:

    Artest’s single > Em’s single

  5. PW Says:

    I rather enjoy that Ron Ron track. I downloaded it.

  6. Bricktop Says:

    does anyone other than T.I. honestly consider T.I. the king of the South? just wondering.

  7. No_neva-eva Says:

    New Gucci tape is crazy.

    Front if you want, it’s gonna bang out…


    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA LiL B came at Joey….smh

  9. shemesh Says:

    new roots album is a CLASSIC

    *downloads new gucci mane mixtape*

  10. Shooter Says:

    Artest’s single > Em’s single

    lol, co-sign

  11. Los Says:

    new roots album is a CLASSIC

    ^ this

    *downloads new gucci mane mixtape*

    ^ nix that

  12. Bricktop Says:

    Gucci = Master P., circa ’95

  13. Bricktop Says:

    Timbaland = idiot savant producer. seriously, something’s just not right with dude. seriously.

  14. Bricktop Says:

    Khujo just walked out on stage.

  15. 40 Inc Says:

    “How Ye doing? I’m surviving. I was drinking earlier; now I’m driving”

  16. kalikushigtoooon Says:

    Shots at Ye’?

  17. kalikushigtoooon Says:

    Fuck that nigga @40inc for catchin that a minute before me

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