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Vado – Polo


Yep, this is what I’m talking about right here.

Vado – Polo


Produced by Omen.

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15 Responses to “Vado – Polo”

  1. iKeepsIt100.com Says:


  2. Shooter Says:

    *waits for Ron Artest’s new single*

  3. Bicro Says:

    Hot garbage.

  4. MyBigBalls Says:

    Who cares about this niggas shit?

  5. GMLLZ Says:


  6. Dope Rush Says:

    garbage can flow.

    Someone put this guy in the bat-troom.

  7. bkallday Says:

    Ron Artest>

  8. dave Says:

    smh@the haters
    vado is > drake

  9. dave Says:

    smh@the haters
    vado is > drake

  10. franklucas Says:

    dave Says:
    June 18th, 2010 at 12:28 pm
    smh@the haters
    vado is > drake

    ^ co-sign

  11. Rec Says:


  12. Bicro Says:


  13. Jewtino Says:


  14. verseuno Says:

    I have heard his other stuff and not to bad…but leave the ‘Lo stuff to Thirstin and Sean P…just because the name of the song is “Polo” doesn’t mean you really know about ‘Lo culture…impress us with some rhymes referencing Snow Beach,Stadium, Cross Flags, Uni’s..and Ralph Lipchitz…’Lo heads know the deal..

  15. Nah Right » Vado – Goodfellas Says:

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