Gucci Mane – Georgia’s Most Wanted


Here’s some more La Flare off his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama, Mr. Zone 6, due out this weekend.

Gucci Mane – Georgia’s Most Wanted

Previously: Gucci Mane – Mr. Zone 6

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13 Responses to “Gucci Mane – Georgia’s Most Wanted”

  1. London Underground Says:

    soulja boy ethering Ice T >>>

    “this nigga Ice T OLD AS FUCK”

    “you was born 3 centries ago”

    “how you gon make “Fuck the Police” then 35 years later play the Police on TV???”

  2. casket face Says:

    “joe budden t.v. / joe’s bitch t.v.?” – Lil B

    “your model bitches saved/put em on the internet cause don’t nobody play you” – Lil B

  3. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    Lil B’s diss song is another “W” for the tiny pants movement

  4. Mook Says:

    Gucci’s beats are hotter than him.

  5. JihaD Says:

    Remixznflow Says:
    June 17th, 2010 at 5:45 pm
    *dead* at this young buck phonecall…

    smh… just… smh


    So many self-ethers in that one phone call:

    “I was wrong…”
    “Don’t dismember me from the crew…”


  6. Jayson Werth's beard Says:

    Gucci’s beats are hotter than him.


  7. Frank Says:

    song is ass

    gucci <<<<<<<<<<<<

  8. J Says:

    London Underground Says:

    June 17th, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    soulja boy ethering Ice T >>>


    yeah, that was funny. soulja boy had like 5 or 6 vets coming at him and he basically handled all of them dolo. now you don’t hear anyone saying shit about him. gotta admit, pretty impressive especially since he was like 17 or some shit at the time.

  9. Macson Escobar Says:

    Confirmed tracks
    “InfraR.E.D. (Intro)” (featuring Dre, produced by Cool & Dre) [22] — 3:41
    “Krazy” (featuring Gucci Mane and Timbaland, produced by Timbaland) — 4:13
    “Big Money” (produced by Cool & Dre) — 3:39
    “Better Days” (featuring André Meritt, produced by Jim Jonsin) [31] — 5:37
    “Gangs in New York” (featuring Jim Jones and Jadakiss, produced by Scoop DeVille)[16] — 4:05
    “Would I Be Wrong?” (featuring Akon, produced by Polow da Don)[17]
    “Lost” (featuring Nate Dogg, produced by Cool & Dre)
    “Pussy Fight” (featuring Ray J and Ester Dean, produced by Drumma Boy)[14][32]
    “Shake” (produced by Cool & Dre, remixed by Travis Barker)[33] — 3:33
    “It Must Be Me” (featuring Pharrell, produced by The Neptunes) [34] — 4:04
    “Ain’t No Doubt About It” (featuring Justin Timberlake and Pharrell, produced by The Neptunes)[35] — 4:24
    “Ricky” (produced by DJ Khalil)[6]
    “Mother’s Womb” (featuring Nelly Furtado, produced by The Neptunes)[36]
    “Pushin It” (featuring T.I. and Robin Thicke)[37][38] — 4:24
    “Everything is Red”(featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman)[39]

    not the tracklist but R.E.D is for August 2K1°
    still curious about dis album
    summer game time

    ayo 2012 game’s D.O.C diary of compton
    back wit dre on aftermath
    straight westcoast lp
    believe that

  10. ShowTimeNY Says:

    I actually dig this.. I havent heard much Gucci but it seems like he stepping up his Bars.

    He was actually saying something on this.

    Click the name for MusicK!!

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  13. top ramen shotta Says:

    fuck all y’all nerd rap fans from wisconsin. gucci goin in.

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