T.I. Refutes Snitching Allegations to XXL


In this excerpt from the cover story that will appear in XXL’s July/August issue, Tip again responds to allegations that he snitched in order to get a lighter sentence.

“There ain’t nobody, nowhere in naan jail sayin’ I was on they paperwork,” the Atlanta-native told XXL. “Can’t nobody show you no paperwork with my name on it. Ain’t naan judge, ain’t naan D.A., ain’t nobody. But what troubles me is that there’s muth-afuckas out there talking ’bout they think or be-lieve I’m snitching, but riding around, smoking weed and drinking beer with muthafuckas who they know telling. But you want to sit back and talk shit about me on the computer.”

I don’t know why, instead of just interviewing this guy and taking his word for it, some real journalist doesn’t just thoroughly investigate whether or not he gave up any information to the Feds. I’m sure that if there’s anything to find, The Smoking Gun could find it. Then we could put this shit to rest and you streetcorner D.A.’s can either be proved right, or shut the fuck up already.

Here’s another excerpt where he speaks on the violent content, or lack therof, in his music these days.

“I can talk about drugs and guns,” T.I. explained. “And I do. It’s just in a different way. I can go on a record and say whatever I want to say, but I just never done that. When T.I. was threatening you, whatever he was threatening you with, he had. Whatever it is he was saying would be done and could be done. He was telling the truth. Right now, for me to sit here and talk about having guns in my waistband would be a far cry from the truth. It’s not the case. It doesn’t feel like me to kick shit that ain’t a reality.”

I don’t know, I thought I heard him make some kind of thinly veiled threat of gun violence in one of those new joints he has out. I could be wrong though. In any event, that’s a shitty position to be in as a rapper.

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  1. lea Says:

    CI shows up in court documents. only way u can question if hes snitching is if the records are sealed and they are not. CI’s are on payroll averaging about $40k a year in some istances. do your homework people

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