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Shyne – Roller Song [Dirty]


Street single for Shyne’s upcoming Guess Who album on Def Jam.

Shyne – Roller Song [Dirty] | Mediafire


Handwritten lyrics after the jump.


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59 Responses to “Shyne – Roller Song [Dirty]”

  1. Aggy ShuttlezWorth Says:

    I guess this voice aint goin nowhere….

  2. southlondon Says:

    this nigga sounds like he wants to eat the microphone.

  3. baby jesus Says:


  4. Safe Says:

    This > Under Pressure.

  5. Crackavelli Tha Don Says:

    It hurts my heart that he’s so committed to this terrible delivery.

  6. rex hussla Says:

    *DEAD* at all this fuckery right here…and I haven’t even clicked play yet [ll]

  7. Vincent Van Dro Says:

    The A&R behind this pic needs to be doing Shyne’s bid.

    Ol’ bi-curious Terminator lookin …

    Gangster Sears portrait studio special …

  8. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    When did Shyne become The Fonz?

    This has to be a record for highly anticipated but largely disappointing music released in one day.


  9. baby jesus Says:

    Ike Davis >

    right rex?

  10. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    On the rare occasion that I even bother to read what you have to say.


    so that means all those comments from that interracial thread you read THREE times each. i went in so i wouldn’t call that rare, au contraire nigga.

    but w/all that just to grasp what i mean, then respond back, why you still so short bus occupant w/it.

  11. Jayson Werth's beard Says:

    where dat pic wif da bowtie lookin all fatty arbuckle n shit

  12. 911 Says:

    I’m really nervous about listening to this, it’s like watching a car crash.

  13. baby jesus Says:

    Shyne AKA Dog The Bounty Hunter

  14. rex hussla Says:

    Adrian’s walk off > Ike’s

  15. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    Yo Kev, stop following me B.

  16. Vincent Van Dro Says:

    This can’t be for real

  17. dee Says:

    i suppose the first verse aint bad at all.. but from there i have no idea where this jawn goes [||]

  18. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    *Also cries*

  19. whoisdis Says:

    this nigga sounds like a retard

  20. Hombre Negro Says:

    10th graders in my english class > than this shit

  21. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    smh @ moses.

    you aint leading the people to fertile land w/this dude.

  22. Suaveebolaetc.etc. Says:

    Toronto has been converted into the world’s largest prison.

    Shit’s about to go down.


    That’s what I’m hearing. $2billion worth of security, apparently…

  23. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    Beats dope.

  24. baby jesus Says:

    Adrian’s walk off > Ike’s


    but still

  25. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    Yo Kev, stop following me B.


    another one types in dust.

    ya dead, stop crying.

  26. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Beats dope.

    Best Shyne leak so far.

  27. 911 Says:

    Hole lee fuck shit. No way he got millions to sound like this no waaaayyyyy. This is why people think they can start rappin’, but they know, that the shit they spewing is just that, shit.

  28. Joe 88 Says:

    Happy B Day Tupac

    I could be wrong, but I never got along wit cops
    it’s like they stuck on making niggas duck for blocks

    Only real niggas understand.

    *waiting for a fake nigga to dispute the greatness*

  29. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    Songs better then anything else post-prison.

    Cats need to give son a chance instead of just writing him off.

  30. rex hussla Says:

    why’d they insert the handwritten lyrics too?!?! LMAO

    That and the pic are too much to handle right now [ll]…this dude thinks he’s Dillon from 90210?

  31. baby jesus Says:

    LMAO at the Mets hitting 4 consecutive doubles in one inning off mitch talbot

  32. baby jesus Says:

    yo joe

    stop it 5

  33. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    Cats need to give son a chance instead of just writing him off.


    nah, use the cat between ya legs and give ‘im a chance ‘mo.

  34. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    Smh Damn Doggie What The F*ck Happen to You??

  35. 911 Says:

    NBA finals press conference >

  36. Vincent Van Dro Says:

    That’s what I’m hearing. $2billion worth of security, apparently…


    yeah they made it sound like that was going to actual people.

    The streets are lined with concrete barriers and giant fences. Everywhere. They cut down trees and took out all the newspaper boxes. If I wasn’t MIA I’d be very tempted to get involved when it goes down.

  37. rex hussla Says:

    Ike needs to change his name to Steve or some shit…might as well say Dominique Wright is playing 3rd base for the Mets too

  38. Crackavelli Tha Don Says:

    Songs better then anything else post-prison.

    Cats need to give son a chance instead of just writing him off.

    The song is possibly salvageable if performed by another artist. The beat is cool. Its his best post-prison leak, but tampons have had better leaks. ;)

  39. baby jesus Says:

    hey rashid

    you there? (n)

  40. baby jesus Says:

    Ike needs to change his name to Steve or some shit…might as well say Dominique Wright is playing 3rd base for the Mets too

    ^wtf? lol i dont get it

  41. THC Says:

    Shyne sounds like he’s sick and not in a good way the beat is tough though it should have been used for under pressure

  42. 911 Says:

    No doubt.

    Tupac >
    Nas >

  43. GMLLZ Says:

    Ya whole career is an accident! Who was gassin em?

  44. White and on Nahright Says:

    It sounds like a cut from Eli Porter – the lost tapes

  45. Bort Says:

    What do you guys think happened to his voice?

  46. Jeffro Says:

    Did someone chop off his tongue in jail? Or is he trying to sound like a dude with a gay lisp? I can’t picture anyone ever bumping this with their windows down for the fear of it being heard by an innocent bystander.


  47. expect Says:

    damn shyne wtf is up wit this, i know you have changed but c’mon now are you serious? whats up wit the look? and why u rappin like u singing? this is garbage it sounds like he’s playin like he aint serious, if he gon act like its a joke so will we!!!!!!!!

  48. infamous Says:

    the hook is wack , 1rst verse is good , second is aight , third is pretty wack

  49. New Music: Shyne - Roller Song | YourAudioFix // Your Daily Fix Of Urban Entertainment Says:

    […] Here is a new track from Shyne titled “Roller Song” off of his upcoming album Guess Who. Props to NR. […]

  50. sashaj Says:

    the beat is official……..what a waste lol
    this is actually the type of shit i wanna hear from Dre on Detox

  51. boozer Says:

    lmfao..dam that pic. who’s coaching this man since he got out.

  52. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    Beat is crack. Shyne sucks. Waste of a beat.

  53. MC Says:

    This beat is unbelievable. I know this site is anit-50, but Curtis would’ve destroyed this shit. It has his name all over it.

  54. Shawty S.O. Says:


    2010 Shyne = Black Dillon from 90210

    LOLLL…. but Shyne’s 1st album >>>>

  55. D Says:

    it’s over, I’ve given up

    I so wanted him 2 do well cuz his first albums were nice

    + the stylist needs lined up and shot for that photo

  56. sowait Says:

    I like the lyrics, the beat is cool but damn what kinda a flow is that? lol

  57. Super Tone Says:

    damn…SHYNE been losing since 99….

  58. Belize Says:


    *puffs L*

    *watches everyone skim tru the music, cuz they can’t even read yet*


  59. JayKilla Says:

    Shyne is still doing his thing. Whether you hate it or love it. His voice will improve.. Get back to thinking what hiphop/rap is all about and how it began. It’s about lyrics and flow. Not a picture, haircuts, chains, jewelry, or even fans. The man has been locked up for the past decade and now is back to do what he loves and what he always has done. Lyrics still hard, his music from the past is still relevant today and if you arent feeling him or even like the dude then why google his new music and make accounts on sites just to hate? I like his music and has been influential to me as an artist. My site is on mysp@ce /jkilla_music my voice or recordings are not perfect but its a hobby and a form of art that we “artists” do. Stay up SHYNE PO

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