Shyne – Roller Song [Dirty]


Street single for Shyne’s upcoming Guess Who album on Def Jam.

Shyne – Roller Song [Dirty] | Mediafire


Handwritten lyrics after the jump.


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59 Responses to “Shyne – Roller Song [Dirty]”

  1. boozer Says:

    lmfao..dam that pic. who’s coaching this man since he got out.

  2. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    Beat is crack. Shyne sucks. Waste of a beat.

  3. MC Says:

    This beat is unbelievable. I know this site is anit-50, but Curtis would’ve destroyed this shit. It has his name all over it.

  4. Shawty S.O. Says:


    2010 Shyne = Black Dillon from 90210

    LOLLL…. but Shyne’s 1st album >>>>

  5. D Says:

    it’s over, I’ve given up

    I so wanted him 2 do well cuz his first albums were nice

    + the stylist needs lined up and shot for that photo

  6. sowait Says:

    I like the lyrics, the beat is cool but damn what kinda a flow is that? lol

  7. Super Tone Says:

    damn…SHYNE been losing since 99….

  8. Belize Says:


    *puffs L*

    *watches everyone skim tru the music, cuz they can’t even read yet*


  9. JayKilla Says:

    Shyne is still doing his thing. Whether you hate it or love it. His voice will improve.. Get back to thinking what hiphop/rap is all about and how it began. It’s about lyrics and flow. Not a picture, haircuts, chains, jewelry, or even fans. The man has been locked up for the past decade and now is back to do what he loves and what he always has done. Lyrics still hard, his music from the past is still relevant today and if you arent feeling him or even like the dude then why google his new music and make accounts on sites just to hate? I like his music and has been influential to me as an artist. My site is on mysp@ce /jkilla_music my voice or recordings are not perfect but its a hobby and a form of art that we “artists” do. Stay up SHYNE PO

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