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Sheek Louch – The Real New York


Sheek over the hardest beat out right now: “B.M.F.”

Sheek Louch – The Real New York | Mediafire

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5 Responses to “Sheek Louch – The Real New York”

  1. THE-XFACTA Says:

    Joe 88 Says:
    June 16th, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    BTW: Click my name, see what ur dealing wit (n) think I wont make a response, or even a diss record just for fun, lol.


    *Watches/Listens to Video*
    *Eats all the pills in the medicine cabinet*

  2. leonard Washington aka The Silky Johnson of nahright Says:

    joe88 sounds like the 5th member of m.o.p mixed with hefty smurf

  3. Mag Says:

    Alpo + Frank Lucas = Snitches

  4. VEe! Says:

    I tried to listen to this track but I couldn’t get past the first 4 – 5 lines. Then I decided to listen to the whole track.

    What’s the point? Where’s Sheek trying to go with this? He’s all over the place with this rhyme.

    Rich Porter, Alpo . . . Jimmy Iovine and Lyor?

    Please stop.

  5. shawamar Says:

    The title,” The Real NY” over a southern style beat..Nice job buddy..

    I really want to like Sheek, but hes not producing anything as of late..Please try again..

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