Dr. Dre feat. Jay-Z – Under Pressure (NMC Tags)


It did exist after all.

Dr. Dre feat. Jay-Z – Under Pressure (NMC Tags) | Mediafire


NMC World Premiere

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367 Responses to “Dr. Dre feat. Jay-Z – Under Pressure (NMC Tags)”

  1. 2si Says:

    Too bad Hov can’t tame Drake’s flow, lol. And for Dre, this is pretty sad if it’s going on his album. I don’t care bout him making singles for other artists but his albums are always dope – this isn’t.

  2. SMH Says:

    i see why it took Dre 10 years to return….he lost it. boring. time for the nursing home

  3. WULU Says:

    sounds like poop.

  4. theword Says:

    I love dre. But to be honest this track is garbage

  5. Cen Says:

    This sucks fuck you Dr. Dre fuck you Jay-Z

  6. Sincere Says:

    wow this really isnt good. at all.

  7. yahright Says:


  8. bobbo Says:

    People, people!

    Just accept this as soon as possible, the radio is going to eat this. Its just enough to get played…about everywhere. Bet the video will be even cheesier.

  9. Wakher Flocko COIS Says:

    so Dre has has had hip hop heads waiting this whole fukin time for a techno record????? fukin over rated piece of shit. go get melman or who ever u have helping u.

  10. complexity Says:

    The beat is like Dre on steroids which is an unfortunate metaphor. The lyrics are utter shit. Jay really, come to work with a gun like Gilbert Arenas, how’s that clever?!

  11. KCNHO Says:


  12. Benovite Says:


    (hi jarrod)

  13. Nah Right » Dr. Dre feat. Jay-Z - Under Pressure (No Tags) Says:

    […] completely missed the release, the upset, followed by the backlash of this record, but eskay summed it up pretty […]


    we waited all these yrs 4 THIS…nxt thing we gone c is dis nigga n skinny jeans n stripped shirts

  15. Leny Says:

    Coming from a long time Dre fan and Jay-Z fan, this is mediocre. Beats and lyrics like this is partially the reason I stopped listening to hip hop these days. How do you go from The Chronic and 2001 to this. This is sad.

  16. john mickins Says:

    wack….dre is done

  17. kieran Says:

    great beat

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