Capone-N-Noreaga – Let’s Get Money


Fresh off the Green Lantern-hosted Camouflage Season mixtape, CNN are coming right back out with another one: Camouflage Summer.

Capone-N-Noreaga – Let’s Get Money | Mediafire


Props to XXL

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60 Responses to “Capone-N-Noreaga – Let’s Get Money”

  1. Mag Says:

    Katy Perry Tits >

  2. Jayson Werth's beard Says:

    True. But fam, that was a looooong (ll) time ago. Timewise, it’s like somebody in ‘97 saying that they’re waiting for the new Funky 4 1 LP because they dropped heat on their first record.

    ^^ i feel u but fuck it im stuck in the past on some music shit…i COULD be camped out front the best buy right now


    dudes is camping outside of Best Buy for Drake albums? damn!!!!

    ^ ^
    Those have to be iPhone/HTC EVO 4G lines.

  4. Selly Says:

    I think Drake just broke Twitter.

  5. Jayson Werth's beard Says:

    I think Drake just broke Twitter.

    ^^ LOL yeah this over capicity shit is too much i wanna look at my hacksaw jim duggan profile pic

  6. G7 Says:

    >>dudes is camping outside of Best Buy for Drake albums? damn!!!!

    that’s a shame (c) jerry and costanza

  7. 88 Says:

    “It was Loso, in case you ain’t know so,” claimed the case’s main witness.

  8. fli-die Says:

    As a lifeong hip hop fan 25 yrs and counting to read some of this shit sickens me, for real. If you have a true affinity for the music/culture of hip hop you know that it constantly stays moving forward. With each LAST generation hating on the next. And since “recorded rap music” is ONLY 31 yrs old we gon all have to get along. NO ONE GENERATION OWNS THIS SHIT.

    I apprectiate DRAKE, but I also like BIG, and I also like, Quest and I also like BDP/Rakim/BDK/Slick Rick and I also like Run & ’em AND I even like Flash and all the groups with numbers at the end of they name. I LOVE HIP HOP. Period!

    Niggas need to STOP Living in the era in which YOU were introduced to hip hop like that’s ALL there is. This music has BIGGER than one era, one city, one region, one coast.

    I was raised on east coast golden era hip hop. My nephew likes Gucci Mane and guess what? It’s ok. WE BOTH LIKE HIP HOP.

    GROW UP!

  9. dockevoc Says:


  10. Nah Right » CNN ft. Imam Thug - Animal Kill Says:

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