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Video: Rick Ross & DJ Khaled – MC Hammer (Live in VA)

BoBO got footage of Rick Ross doing this monstrous mixtape track in Virginia. Teflon Don has also been pushed back to July 20th.

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22 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross & DJ Khaled – MC Hammer (Live in VA)”

  1. Brooklyn Strong Says:


  2. ant Says:


  3. Patron James Says:

    Teflon Don

  4. nation Says:


  5. ridalen Says:

    I really shouldn’t be this happy about this.

  6. NovemberEnd Says:


  7. Ghost Writer Says:


  8. Nah'sWhiteboy Says:

    Yaay for police!

  9. Patron James Says:

    Supreme Team

  10. louisdadon Says:

    “ooooh wayne, its jus too good. oohh its just to good” -Drake in end of interview. PAUSE NIGGA!

  11. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    has ross done an official tour yet?

  12. nutty Says:

    strange. seeing this makes me realize i have NEVER seen footage of Officer Ricky preforming live. it’s a rare treat.

  13. baby jesus Says:


  14. baby jesus Says:

    BMF gettin heavy airplay in nyc 2.


  15. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    Bitch I’m MC HAMMER I’m About Cream!!!

  16. Mr. Freeze aka Muffler Lungs Says:

    “He kalled me, I didn’t believe it was him *laughs*”

    “I met him in Dallas, that’s why it’z so special to me *smiles*”

    “‘kauze ugghh OooOo uggh! ssssss, It’z Lil’ Wayne he’s so good”


    or something like that! that had to be the gayest sounding shit i’ve heard in a while…No hate, just sayin’! smh


  17. Eastern_Digital aka Nahright's Fantasy Football champ Says:

    Imagine Ross actually signing Kool G and puttin out a collabo mixtape/album. Maybe put Ransom on some tracks too.


    ps: knife fight is the best primo beat in years even if it ain’t a primo beat.

  18. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    nation Says:

    June 6th, 2010 at 3:18 pm

  19. LatinKing Says:

    Haha….i think this is first video of Ross, NOT, performing inside a little Club…

    hahahha Ooooohh UUuuhhh Uuu Sooooo Good! ….Drake is officially Gay

  20. 010 rotterdam DUTCHWEED Says:

    he got the crowd going CRAZY there..


  21. vhingrhamesonyo'momma Says:

    “I’m cholesterol…a heart surgeon’s dream, I’m diabetese…one more twinkie please!”-Bawse

  22. Nah Right » Video: Rick Ross - Just Saying (Remix) Says:

    […] After the jump, Rawse speaks to MTV about “MC Hammer.” […]

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